Что такое nonfarm payrolls Что такое Nonfarm payrolls 5

What is Nonfarm payrolls

An important part of fundamental analysis is a wide range of economic indicators.. One of these is Nonfarm payrolls. Consider, what it is, how it is considered and applied in practice. What is Nonfarm payrolls Nonfarm payrolls is the number of new jobs in non-agricultural sectors of the economy.

Trading on the news

Trading on the news is difficult to attribute to any type of trading. This is not a technical trading method. – most indicators simply “break” at the time of price surges, with which news releases abound (from English. ease” – release), various candlestick patterns and patterns also do not shine with accuracy, because. depending on the bank's decision, or the report of the state. quotation services may fly away to 50-100, and in some cases more, points, in a few seconds! Probably, everyone who wants to make money on Forex at least once asked himself: “The couple passed in a minute more, than the previous week. There must be some way to make money from this?!”. We hasten to please you – there are several ways! truth, not all of them are simple, absolutely everything needs attention (one wrong mouse movement, and you will become the owner of a bonus of two or three hundred gray hair) and the most important thing – on the news, most of all, an ordinary trader has to compete not only with other traders, but also with investment banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions, whose capabilities, to put it mildly, exceed the possibilities 99% traders!

Инвестидея: c3 ai Инвестидея: C3 AI, так как искусство в уме 11

Investidea: C3 AI, since art is in the mind

We have an extremely speculative thought right now.: take stock of the software manufacturer C3 AI (NYSE: TO THE), to get income on their rebound after a powerful fall. Growth potential and duration : 22,5 % for 15 months; thirty eight percent in two years; 249% in fifteen years. Why stocks can go up: AI is a promising topic.

календарь финансовой отчетности: с «Манчестер Юнайтед» — отчет календарь финансовой отчетности: с «Манчестер Юнайтед» — отчет, с «Кока-колы» — доходы от ценных бумаг 14

financial reporting calendar: with Manchester United - report, from Coca-Cola - income from securities

Company daily, we trade?? on the securities market, open business data: publish financial statements, hold meetings with journalists, represent new products and say securities income. We have collected all the principal actions of the coming week for those, who invests in securities.

Китайские акции готовятся к росту? Китайские акции готовятся к росту? 17

Chinese stocks are preparing for growth?

TAL Education warned, that compliance with China's stricter rules on the K-12 extracurricular learning business will hurt financial performance Recently released official measures by the Beijing municipality make post-school service providers "subject to review and re-registration, aimed at reducing their number in several stages",-TAL Education said in a press release today. When to buy shares? Other suppliers will be registered as non-profit organizations in accordance with Beijing's instructions, adopted last month. Other municipalities may follow suit., stated in the company, Adding, that they will comply with these measures. "The Company's compliance with these measures will have a significant negative impact on its existing after-school training business. (AST), results of activity and financial condition",-warned TAL in a press release. Chinese stocks look attractive in the long termChinese stocks look attractive in the long term "In particular, in accordance with the Beijing measures, the Company stopped offering academic classes on AST on weekends, national holidays and during the current school holidays in Beijing. Historically, this is how it has been., that AST's academic income over these time periods accounted for a large …

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