The Fed raised the rate, US GDP fell again, and company reports are worse than average

AppleAAPL160.28 $Buy Microsoft CorporationMSFT273.34 $Buy Alphabet Class CGOOG115.01 $Buy Wal-Mart StoresWMT131.96 $BuyService in Partnership with Tinkoff Investments. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes Rates are higher 27 July, the US Federal Reserve raised the interest rate on 75 basis points. Now it is in the range of 2.25-2.50%.

The US economy is slowing down, business expectations are falling, and indicators hint at a rebound in stocks

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The Fed raised the interest rate immediately by 75 basis points

The US Federal Reserve is fighting with a record for 40 years of inflation. So far, inflation is winning. Rate decision 15 June Fed - Federal Reserve, which performs the functions of the Central Bank, — raised the interest rate by 75 basis points. One basis point — 0,01%. The bet range is now 1.5-1.75%.

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