OpenAI crash: implications for ChatGPT

OpenAI crash: implications for ChatGPT 7 november 2023 year there was a major outage in the OpenAI system, which affected several services, using artificial intelligence technology from the company, including ChatGPT chatbot. As a result of the outage, ChatGPT stopped functioning properly. In some cases, the chatbot gave errors, in others – just kept silent in response to user inquiries. The cause of the crash is still unknown, but OpenAI representatives said, that they are working to fix it and restore ChatGPT.

Bitcoin appears in the Top 15 assets by market capitalization

New Faces and Old Giants – Bitcoin взобрался на 12 Place Gold, стоящее на вершине с ошеломляющими $13T, It looks like an immutable monolith of the world economy. But surprisingly, As New Tech Players, like Apple, Microsoft and Google, are rising rapidly, Showing the Power of Innovation.

Market take off…

Tuesday was an interesting day, from the very morning, the bulls seized the initiative and did not let it go until the close. As a Russian bear, I don't like it. I did not expect such a take-off and sent GE to the OPG market for sale, eventually lost 2 cent, ok came out )) The market flew away rapidly, and I looked at it with my eyes closed, you could buy everything stupid and make a lot of money, but who could have expected such a rise. Tired of looking at all this waited for a rollback on the SP500 and seeing that everything was flying away bought a couple of shares of DJ and made some money ;) FO: I decided not to trade especially on such a day, don't like to buy. Something I saw a U-turn and I sold it., but accidentally made a mistake with the button and pushed a little share, leaving a couple of cents in + began to cover the position and not in vain, as it turned out later ) Lucky, went out in + for a large volume. ROH: I sold ROH for this very morning 2 day he grew up with 55$ to 78. Buy it. There was hope, that can cancel the purchase or whatever else and I will make a couple of points. The risk was minimal, and the ratio 1 to 20 by conservative estimates. BUT the stock didn’t move anywhere after a couple of hours of it …

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Well, let's start with =)

Today the market was sluggish, it seemed to me, there were no special movements where money was handed out, but to bargain I found that . FDP :  There were no blunders, but sorry I missed 2 currently FLO: The stock has broken its bottom, and everything would be fine, but there was a ridiculous aptik on futures and everything flew up, had to go out fo:  the stock had good potential, sold on a new day, while having dinner she just fell to 18 but I didn’t willingly go further, the rollback was expected so I sat out without sweating , but the next candles alerted and threw off most of the position. Left to look, when the bottom was broken, sold a little more , but in the end didn't go. RMD:  Dumbest trade of the day, sold catching up movement, but the most ridiculous thing is that he came out of it almost immediately. Then it’s even worse, sold it again and hit the reversal. UNP: You shouldn't touch such promotions at all., shadows do not allow an adequate stop. WAT: It was NOT worth catching up with the stock if you missed it , had to wait for the right moment . Results:  The worst mistake today was, what was trying to catch up with the stock.

How to use statistical filters in Laser Trade

Statistical filters in the Laser Trade trading platform are a powerful tool for selecting stocks based on various criteria. A video tutorial on YouTube explains in detail, how to use these filters to optimize trading on stock exchanges.

Apple became the first company with a capitalization of 3 trillion dollars

Apple (AAPL): The market valuation of the company on Friday reached 3 trillion dollars, making it the first public company, who reached this milestone twice. Initially, the iPhone manufacturer crossed the mark in 3 trillion dollars in January 2022 of the year. This milestone comes after a tumultuous first half 2023 years for technology stocks, when the nasdaq rose to 30%, and Apple stock is more than 45 %.

Peak Bitcoin BTC/USD Volatility: how to determine the best time to trade?

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is the currency of the future, whose volatility is becoming a subject of increasing interest among investors and traders around the world. This BTC/USD Perspective Offers a Unique Analysis of Bitcoin Volatility. Bitcoin, world's greatest cryptocurrency, famous for its high volatility. This makes it an attraction for traders, looking for more profit, but also a source of risk. BTC/USD Volatility, like any other cryptocurrency, can change significantly throughout the day. but, there are certain time frames, when this volatility usually increases.

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