Applications that must be set each kriptotreyder

Learning stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex

In an extremely volatile world cryptocurrency should always keep an eye on and monitor the events industry. Since we are often forced to make decisions on the go, it is important to have all trade and investment tools at your fingertips. Here is a list of the best apps, благодаря которым инвестировать в криптовалюту станет проще простого. На волне популярности криптовалют сеть наводнило огромное количество приложений для работы с новым финансовым инструментом прямо с экрана гаджетов.



10 top tips Investors and Traders

1. markets are cyclical
Many beginners panic and leave the kriptotreydinga after the first collapse of the market. Yes, he occasionally falls, but worry about it not worth it - in the end every time he climbs back.

2.Differentiate trade style
It is important to understand, that a trader buys an asset for a short time, and sell it at a profit, and investment - is a long-term investment, designed to be a source of income in the future.



Change site domain at daytradergt.com Older domains nyse-trade.ru nyse-trade.com

К сожалению старый домен сайта nyse-trade.com и предыдущий домен nyse-trade.ru приходится сменить на новый daytradergt.com . Company which protects the rights of NYSE the trademark brand decided, I use their brand illegally and wants to take away their. When I register domains longer 10 years ago, даже понятия не имел об этом и никогда не использовал их товарный знак для финансовой выгоды или введение людей в заблуждение.

I sincerely doubt, they leave it to me and will be judged for them. Under US law, most likely they will succeed. По этому мною было принято решение сменить основной домен сайта на daytradergt.com и все страницы перенаправить на новый адрес. Hopefully this will be enough time to search engines for indexing, I do not want to wait until just all disappear.



Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, blogs, СМИ по крипте

Useful resources for investors: The official exchange rate sites cryptocurrency, exchanges, портфелей и ICO. В разделе собраны ссылки на сайты и сервисы связанные с обращением криптовалют



Confessions of an economic Hitman. John Perkins. Краткое изложение книги

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" (eng. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) - polubiograficheskaya book by John Perkins, published in 2004 year. The book is dedicated to Perkins' activities as an employee of the electrical company Chas. T. Main from Boston. According to Perkins memories while working on Chas. T. Main Its main task is the belief of developing countries in need of attracting credit for the development of infrastructure projects (contributing, among other things, improving the welfare of the local elite) as performers are usually, regarded US companies. Attracted loans for the implementation of infrastructure projects, According to the author, United States provided political influence on the recipient country, and opened the American company access to sources of minerals.

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