Digest of economic news on 15 november 2022

📌Paris overtook London and became the largest stock market in Europe 📌Today in China will be published data for October on industrial production, retail sales, unemployment and investment in fixed assets. 📌 There will also be data on producer prices for October. And in Europe, preliminary GDP data for the third quarter 📌will be published Chinese stocks in the US are growing again on positive news after the meeting of Xi and Biden 📌Xi Jinping and Macron at the G20 called for the resumption of negotiations on Ukraine 📌Germany is the first among the EU states to nationalize Assets related to Russia *.* The former gazprom division of Gazprom Germania 📌the EU is not yet ready to discuss new sanctions against Russia.

News digest on 3 november 2022

The Bank of England will decide today to raise its base interest rate by 0.75%*. The yuan against the dollar* updated the minimum since 22 January 2008 of the year. Courses: 🌐 Bitcoin – $20 710 (↑1,12%) 📉 S&P 500 – 3 876 (↑0,53%) 🇷🇺 USD/RUB – 60,60 (↓1,86%) 🇺🇦 USD/UAH – 36,88 (↑0,00%) 🌕 Gold – $1 667 (↑0,99%) ⚫️ Oil Brent – $94,59 (↑0,49%) ⚡️ The Fed has raised rates on 75 b. P. The US regulator raised the key rate on 75 basis points, up to 3.75–4%. This is the fourth consecutive increase in 0,75 p.p.. The current rate level is the highest since December 2007 of the year. This is the expected solution., he was expected 87,5% investors, according to CME FedWatch Tool. At the same time, many are waiting for signals from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell about a slowdown in rate hikes.. 45% investors are counting, that at the next meeting the indicator will be raised by 0,5 P. P. (49,2% sure, that the next step will also be 0,75 P. P.). Last this year …

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News Digest for 2 november 2022

⚠️ U.S. Release. The Fed interest rate decision will take place today at 21:00 (Mosk. time) ⚠️ Today will be held U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Press Conference in 21:30 (Mosk. time) Analyst Expect, that the Fed and the Bank of England at meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, will raise the stakes on 75 b.p.. (* to 3.75-4.00% in the U.S. and up to 3.00% in the UK) Expected, that the Fed will raise rates today 0.75% and give a signal, which can slow down the rate of increase. 🌐 Bitcoin – $20 473 (↑0,40%) 📉 S&P 500 – 3 859 (↓0,33%) 🇷🇺 USD/RUB – 61,97 (↑1,59%) 🇺🇦 USD/UAH – 36,88 (↑0,00%) 🌕 Gold – $1 652 (↑0,74%) ⚫️ Oil Brent – $94,66 (↑2,30%)

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