Trading Psychology perfectly displayed on the stock chart, which is nothing else, like a picture of human emotions. Fear, greed, hope and euphoria often drive the stock price far beyond its true value.

Therefore, we see inflated soap bubbles and subsequent stock market crashes.. And in order not to fall on the market hook, important to understand, that a trader is a person, who is constantly looking for the prevailing mood of exchange players, what the psychology of trading helps him with.

7 types of tilt in poker according to Jared Tandler

It may seem, that the tilt problem is individual, however, in reality, poker players do not differ much from each other psychologically. All individual causes of tilt can be reduced to just 7 the main types and each player, thinking about his tilt, will eventually come to one of them.

How to recover as a trader during a losing streak

Most of the material is already for traders who have been trading for more than a year and have started trading in a plus, but beginners will also have useful moments. This course is designed for people who are broken and lose heart., no desire to trade anymore and do not believe in themselves. For my almost 3 years of trading on the NYSE were 3 times black bars and I was recovering from them . The most important thing in trading is your emotional state.. You must be in harmony with yourself and have confidence in your actions.. Often people start working on mistakes during a losing streak., but they are not psychologically ready to earn.

Tired of draining? Change broker!

A purely psychological trick. It happens, will pour money, and then all your trade revolves around that, to take the profaned money back. In this case, the goal overshadows the compliance with the trading process itself., knocking out focus and further aggravating the situation. Chrome wrote well about this once, citing as an example the introduction of new technical specifications in Broko. It can be especially offensive, when […]

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