Обход блокировки доступа к сайтам на примере fondexx. Com ( инструкция )

Bypass blocking access to sites using the example of Fondexx .com ( Instructions )

Fondexx5531083617550373778 обход блокировки доступа к сайтам на примере fondexx. Com ( инструкция )

Consider bypassing the blocking of access to websites because Roskomnadzor blocked Fondexx, which many now cannot access. Whether due to lack of resources, to understand the essence of these sites, whether so God had mercy, but such is the fact. Below will be the instruction, how to bypass blockages and get to the desired resources.

If your provider denies access to the https site://fondexx.com/, use one of the solutions to enter, the instructions below:

Browsec extension

  • Browsec Is a free VPN extension, which can be easily put on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera, Yandex browser, iOS, Android. The add-on allows you to easily bypass locks, has a simple interface and is easy to operate. (you can directly click on the links above with the name of the browser and find the extension in the list of browser applications)

Download Browsec: https://browsec.com/en/

Video tutorial how to install Browsec in Chrome browser (in other browsers everything is the same): https://www.youtube.com/embed/CId3eCcaOyM

Other similar solutions:

Opera browser

Opera browser offers a free built-in VPN feature with unlimited bandwidth. VPN connection only works in the browser, but the connection is always stable and demonstrates high speed. Opera VPN is completely free and unlimited.:

Download Opera: https://www.opera.com/ru/features/free-vpn

Opera VPN is disabled by default. For, to activate the service, do the following steps:

  1. Open the settings page - copy opera://settings/ and paste in the address bar of your browser, by pressing Enter (Enter)
  2. Go to section Additionally –> Capabilities in the left navigation menu
  3. Scroll to section VPN
  4. Move the switch to the active position Enable VPN

Opera supports various locations in Europe, America and Asia. You can use the option “Optimal location” to select the optimal server in terms of speed.

The above are the simplest free ways, there are also paid, which you can find at the link: https://ru.vpnmentor.com/#section-1

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