Cryptovalue is a type of digital currency, creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods. Usually, cryptocurrency accounting decentralized. The operation of these systems is based on technologies such as blockchain, directed acyclic graph, Consensus registry (ledger) etc.

Kraken: Litecoin has chances to repeat the bull cycle 2017 of the year

биржа Kraken: Litecoin имеет шансы повторить бычий цикл 2017 года 1

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken investigated the network indicators of Litecoin and noted the likelihood of an asset repeating the indicators of the bull market 2017 Year In the next report, Kraken emphasized, that in December 2017 year the LTC rate in just a month increased by 638% — from $50 to $369. Now LTC gives signals, similar to those that foreshadowed its sharp rally in …

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The cryptanalyst thinks, that December will be a bullish month

ethereum Криптоаналитик считает, что декабрь станет бычьим месяцем 4

Cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett believes, that December could be a month of rallying in the cryptocurrency market, and Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) potentially could lead it According to him, dollar index (DXY), which compares the dollar with a basket of other fiat currencies, gives a bullish signal for the crypto market.

Omicron Altcoin Course (OMIC) is growing rapidly

covid-19 Курс альткоина Omicron (OMIC) стремительно растет 10

As known, more recently, markets have collapsed due to a new kind of COVID-19 called Omicron (OMIC), but, this did not prevent the token with the same name from growing rapidly Now 1 OMIC is trading slightly higher $460, showing a daily increase in 137%. Compared to the minimum 17 November increased 735%.

Cryptanalyst told about the nearest prospects 5 popular altcoins

аналитик Криптоаналитик рассказал о ближайших перспективах 5 популярных альткоинов 13

Cryptocurrency analyst with the nickname Altcoin Sherpa spoke about the potential levels of decline, which can be achieved 5 popular altcoins According to him, polkadot blockchain (DOT) there is a chance to face a significant increase in demand in the event of an overlap of the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA): "On the DOT, I expect the continuation of consolidation in the region $30 — $40, So …

Cryptanalyst told about the nearest prospects 5 popular altcoins Read more

Cryptostrategist considers, that the correction of BTC is almost complete

ethereum Криптостратег считает, что коррекция BTC практически завершена 16

Cryptocurrency strategist with nickname Smart Contracter considers, that Bitcoin is almost ready to recover. He also pointed out a potential bottom for Ethereum According to him, bitcoin gives signals, that the correction is almost complete: "So far, there are no signs of an immediate reversal., but I suppose, that we saw the final volumes of surrender.

6 altcoins go against the market, showing decent height

6 альткоинов идут вразрез с рынком, показывая приличный рост 25

One of the cryptocurrency directions went against the trend in the market and 6 Altcoins Representing It Show Explosive Growth BTC Still Trying To Get Above The Mark $60 000, but altcoins related to games and virtual reality show good profitability.

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