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antifragility. Nassim Taleb | Video sammari

Table of contents: 01:31 Insight 1. Use a barbell strategy. 03:10 Insight 2. Practice is safer than theory. 05:12 Insight 3. Via negative. 07:12 Outcome. The main idea of ​​the book.

Исповедь экономического убийцы. Джон Перкинс. Краткое изложение книги Исповедь экономического убийцы. Джон Перкинс. Краткое изложение книги 1

Confessions of an economic killer. John Perkins. Summary of the book

"Confessions of an economic killer" (English. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) - semi-biographical book by John Perkins, published in 2004 year. The book focuses on Perkins' activities as an employee of the electrical company Chas. T. Main from Boston. Perkins recalled while working for Chas. T. Main, its main task was to convince representatives of developing countries of the need to attract loans for the development of infrastructure projects (conducive, among other things, improving the welfare of the local elite) as performers of which, as a rule, American companies were considered. Loans attracted for the implementation of infrastructure projects, according to the author, provided the United States with political influence over the recipient country, and opened access to sources of minerals for American companies.

Black Swan. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Summary of the book

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Black Swan Under the sign of unpredictability Review As noted by literary critic Harold Bloom, Hamlet's trouble was not that, that he thought too much, and in that, that he thought too well and therefore lost the opportunity to indulge himself with illusions. The same can be said of the philosopher., writer and stock trader Nassim Nicholas Talebe. He is extremely skeptical of overconfident financial gurus., investment analysts, hedge fund presidents, Wall Street bankers, Nobel laureates in economics and other authorities, claiming to be able to predict the future. According to Taleb, the mistake of all these people is, that they do not take into account the "black swans" - by this term the author denotes extremely important, but extremely unlikely events, which is almost impossible to foresee. Bright, the individual style and literary talent of the author could not overshadow the entire unorthodox of his views. The result is exciting, controversial, a memorable book on the role of randomness and unpredictability in human life. Taleb created a powerful …

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Развитие силы воли. Уолтер Мишел Развитие силы воли. Уолтер Мишел 6

Developing willpower. Walter Michelle

Actionable willpower tips from one of the industry's top experts. Psychologist Walter Michel, author of the famous marshmallow test, explains, what is willpower and how to develop it. From the book you will learn: ✔️ how to apply and develop self-control, facing everyday challenges: the need to lose weight, quit smoking, prepare for dismissal and other important problems. This book will change the way you think about solutions, which we all take in education, education, social policy and personal life.

Synopsis of the book "Turtle Traders" – Michael Covel

The book "Turtle Traders" is a story about, as casual students, many of whom had no experience on Wall Street., taught to be traders - millionaires. These newcomers were thrown into the fire and tasked with producing money almost instantly., and millions were at stake. They didn't try to sell ice cream on the streets.. They traded stocks., bonds, currencies and assets of other markets, to earn millions. Potential students, who did accept, were like stunned by a blow to the head. The phrase “this can't be, because it can never be "repeated continuously. An invitation to learn from the greatest trader of modern Chicago, and then use his money for trading and get some of the profits, looked absolutely incredible. One of the greatest opportunities of the century has attracted thousands of job seekers, from suggestions, written on coconut, to the banal “I think, that I can make money for you ". Honestly, speculation about, what can make a rich man, inaccessible and eccentric trader to pay attention to you and …

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Peter Lynch Method. Strategy and tactics of the individual investor — Peter Lynch

This book will teach you how to think in market and investment terms., or maybe even write about business. Peter Lynch was the head of the legendary Fidelity Magellan fund during the heyday of mutual funds.. Lynch has achieved incredible success, buying shares of leading companies, in the performance of which I did not doubt: на­при­мер, he saw, that Dunkin Donuts eateries are always crowded with visitors - that's why I bought their shares. Lynch also coined the terms two-bagger and three-bagger. (for assets, the cost of which increases two and three times from the date of purchase, со­от­вет­ствен­но). The book is written in simple language and full of funny stories., so that even a beginner in the investment field will read it without difficulty.

Марк Дуглас. Торговля в зоне (Зональный трейдинг) — книга скачать Марк Дуглас. Торговля в зоне (Зональный трейдинг) - книга скачать 12

Mark Douglas. Trading in the zone (Zone Trading) — book download

REVIEW OF MARK DOUGLAS'S BOOK "ZONE TRADING" This book describes a comprehensive look at the difficulties, that a person encounters, who has accepted the challenge from financial markets. When there is an understanding of that, that it's not limited to broker tips, and the rationale for buying or selling is, virtually, extremely complex, giving unpredictable results. The book offers a serious psychological approach., which should contribute to the achievement of stable positive results of the trader's trading decisions. The author does not offer a ready-made trading system, but his interest lies in a completely different plane. — show, how to think in order, to become a consistently successful trader. The book is intended for a wide audience, independently entering any financial markets (stock, futures, currency and commodity).

Book US Stock Market for Beginner Investors download pdf epub (Freedom Finance) download

About the book The authors tried to give a detailed description of the structure of the US stock market, draw conclusions and give advice, allowing you to apply the knowledge gained in any stock market - not only in the UNITED States, but also in Russia. After reading this book, you will get acquainted with the history of the US stock market and its structure, learn about the main participants, their goals and functions, master the "combat arsenal" of the investor's financial instruments.

40 books and educational resources to explore the stock market and algorithmic trading

The stock market is a large-scale and complex field of knowledge. In the last couple of decades, various technologies of exchange trading have been actively developing.. Understand the structure of the stock market, laws and principles working on it, as well as the technologies used by various players - not at all easy. In our today's material - a selection of 40 books and educational, which will help you better prepare for starting work in the stock market and writing mechanical trading systems.

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