Trading strategy for making money on the NYSE market

Layering ( layering )- strategy, which came under the ban of American regulators

High frequency trading, depending on the strategies used, has a different effect on the market condition. Some of them are draining liquidity from the market, others — add liquidity to the market. Many of them are the cause of sudden unexpected movements in market quotations., and also generate new borderline methods of unethical, and sometimes illegal income generation on stock exchanges. …

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Account statistics for live show

Hello everyone, on this page I will keep statistics on a real account for beginners — Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ - live show For those who do not know me, I trade stocks with 2008 of the year, started and worked in several prop companies. Trading on the stock exchange is my main way of earning money. Can …

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Streaming Day Trading trades on the NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

Live streaming of transactions on the us stock exchange. All transactions take place on live accounts within the day on the NYSE markets, NASDAQ. — broadcast live Schedule: Weekdays 20:45 MSK time Recording | Telegram chat | Training

Little tricks on the Takion terminal

One of the indispensable filters on the Takion trading platform (Takion). Searches in top promotions, small stop bases. The moment when the stock slows down and there is a balance of buyers and sellers. Good places to enter, with minimal risk Setting is simple, here is my example:

Individual coaching

There are a lot of trading strategies on the stock exchange, even more market analysis tools, therefore the goal of my individual coaching (training) is learning how to use my trading strategies, trading techniques and techniques. From stock selection and trading to statistics and analysis to improve your trading. For stable trading, I help the student to compose his …

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