Fondexx Trader Contest on $5000

Конкурс трейдеров от fondexx на $5000 Конкурс трейдеров от Fondexx на $5000 1

Fondexx Prop Contest not just a competition, it is also a way to find profitable traders. We are actively developing the prop direction and form a pool of traders around the company, capable of showing results. We are ready to invest time in every trader, money and work for a long time.



  • 10 accounts for management ($100 000 buying power и $ 500 risk).
  • Extra bonus = $5 x number of participants. You can withdraw.


  • Period of the competition: from 09.01.2018 by 31.01.2018 before the end of the trading session.
  • Platform: Sterling Trader Web, demo account with real quotes.
  • Instruments: all promotions, available in the terminal.
  • Overnights: Yes.
  • Short: Yes.
  • Initial account parameters: $20 000.


All details and registration form on the competition page — Read…

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