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5 predvestnikov krizisa acc7221

5 harbingers of the crisis

Hello everyone! The stock market has not been bored lately and is falling. Therefore, it will be relevant to write about the signs of an impending crisis in the financial market..

kvalificirovannyj investor kto eto cde5bdf

Qualified investor. Who is it?

good day! One of the questions, which came to me in direct concerning the status of a qualified investor. They asked who a qualified investor is, what does this status give and how to get it. In today's post I will cover this topic..

upustil shans zarabotat chto takoe fomo teorija i praktika 61732c3

Missed the chance to make money. What's like FOMO: theory and practice

“But I would buy shares of the Savings Bank at 200 rub. in the end 2020 r. and would have sold in May by 320 rub., I would go on vacation ". Why didn't I buy Virgin Galactic at $15?"" A classmate managed to make money on the crypt ". If at least once you have such thoughts, There's a possibility, you suffered from lost profit syndrome.

5 vrednyh sovetov ot ekspertov po investicijam 844cdc0

5 bad advice from "investment professionals"

The personal investment boom did not start so long ago, and budding financiers have not yet fully learned to distinguish between useful investment advice from legends and misconceptions, with which the media space is filled. A large number of video bloggers and information businessmen vied with each other on their own social networks..

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Investment and finance books

Hello! Surely many are interested in learning about, what are the best books to read, if you are interested in the topics of investment and finance. There are a lot of yellow" literature, which cannot teach anything useful.

kalendar makrostatistiki za kakimi pokazateljami sledit v pervuju ochered 33d9841

Macro statistics calendar. What indicators to look for first of all

Macro statistics calendar. What indicators to look for first of allFinancers should pay their attention not only to the fundamental characteristics of companies, and on the situation in the economy. The state of affairs in the economy affects both the income of companies, and on the dynamics of money markets.

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Benefit from losses in an investment account

Hello! Today is a post about tax cuts due to account loss. I will be glad to every like! Losses in the account Losses in the account In different years, there are different results on investments. Sometimes the market goes up, and sometimes falls.

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What does falling in love with a company lead to?

Falling in love with an asset The risk of falling in love with an asset is, that you can have any stock or paper, which you fall in love with. You are a novice financier and not so long ago you came to the securities market.

15 principov uspeshnogo investirovanija dzhordzha sorosa 6c8b5f9

15 principles of good investment by George Soros

Society's attitude towards the 90-year-old economist is versatile. One side, George Soros is intensively involved in charity work, on the other - his opinion often goes against the accepted, and exchange transactions are very risky.

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How to build an investment portfolio. Managed by an individual broker

Managed by an individual broker» /> Individual brokers help to sort out, how to form a long-term portfolio and not be distracted by the news noise. You can read past articles by tag. Let's talk now, how to build an investment portfolio. At the tariff, the Wealth Management Specialist, an individual broker is the one, who provides professional support for investments: prepares a cash plan for the client, helps to form a portfolio and accompanies all the way of investing to achieve goals. Arthur Bedzhanov, Individual Broker When building a knapsack, we must be aware of, what can …

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