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Trading: The Complete Beginner's Guide

What is a trade? Trade, or trading in financial markets, – it's an activity, associated with the purchase and sale of various financial instruments. The main goal of the trader – buy assets at a lower price and sell them at a higher price, to make a profit. The trade can be as the main, as well as an additional profession. Some people use it as a way to earn extra money, other – as the main source of income.

recession is: Understanding the Impact of a Recession


Do you want to understand the concept “recession is”? In this article, we explore the concept, causes and consequences of recession. Learn, how this economic downturn is affecting individuals, businesses and the global economy. Gain insight into coping strategies for difficult times. Read now! Introducing Recessions – is a recurring phenomenon in the world of economics, affecting individuals, businesses and entire nations. In this article, we go into the details of a recession and explore the concept, causes and consequences of this economic downturn. Join us on this journey, where we look at the impact of the recession and discuss strategies for getting through tough times.

U.S. debt ceiling. What will happen?

Introduction Congress has authorized trillions of dollars in spending over the past decade, as a result, the debt of the United States almost tripled from 2009 of the year. During this period, the ability of the Ministry of Finance to borrow money to pay off this debt has repeatedly rested on the limit, established by Congress. on borrowings, known as the debt ceiling.

NYSE trader's dictionary. Terms and their description

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to key terms, that every trader on the New York Stock Exchange should know (NYSE). NYSE – the largest stock exchange in the world, and understanding the terminology used in it is key to successful trading. In this article, we will provide clear definitions and explanations of the main terms, used by traders on the NYSE. Regardless of, whether you are a beginner trader or an experienced professional, our guide will help you navigate the complex world of NYSE trading with confidence.

Unleashing the world of trading: Who is the trader??

Introduction Trading: word, which evokes images of bustling stock markets, quick decisions and high stakes. But who is at the helm of these deals? Who are these people?, navigating the complex world of financial markets? In Russian, ‘trader is who’ translated as 'who is a trader'? This article solves this question, Deeply immersing yourself in the life and work of a trader.

Who is the trader?? The Ultimate Guide

Understanding a Trader Definition of a Trader Trader – it is an individual or a company, which buys and sells financial instruments. It can be promotions, bonds, goods, currencies or other types of derivatives.

How to successfully invest in stocks in the Russian market: complete guide

Introduction to investing in the stock market Investing in stocks in the Russian market can be profitable, if you know, how to choose the right companies and manage your portfolio. In this guide, you will find all the tips and strategies you need to successfully invest in stocks.. In this article, we will analyze in detail, How to successfully invest in stocks on the Russian market. We will look at the main strategies and approaches, as well as analyze important aspects of investing.

Dedollarization: US dollar alternatives

Dedollarization: US dollar alternatives

Recently, the term “de-dollarization” has been increasingly used in the global economy.. It means the refusal of countries to use the US dollar as the main currency for settlements in international trade and financial transactions.. This is due to a number of factors, including the instability of the US economy, sanctions against other countries and the desire to strengthen their financial sovereignty.

What is ChatGPT 4 and how to use

ChatGPT – this is a neural network, capable of generating natural language for answering questions and tasks. It can be used for natural language processing, content generation and chatbot creation. Learn, how to use ChatGPT in this article.

How ChatGPT impacted Nvidia's share price (NASDAQ: NVDA)

ChatGPT uses powerful GPUs from Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) for processing large amounts of data and generating responses to user requests. ChatGPT – it's a new technology, developed by OpenAI, which allows users to communicate with artificial intelligence in a dialogue format. ChatGPT is able to generate text on various topics, anwser the questions, admit mistakes and refuse inappropriate user requests. ChatGPT generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm among users and developers, and also stimulated competition among the largest technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

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