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For the first three quarters, the net inflow of funds into hedge funds exceeded $23 billion

According to the Citco Group, servicing assets under management in the amount of $1,6 trillion, in the third quarter, the global hedge fund industry experienced a positive net inflow of $6 billion amid rising volatility. Overall for the first nine months 2021 year net inflow was $23,7 billion. In the third quarter, all hedge fund strategies on the Citco platform showed positive profitability. Although the quarter showed relatively good hedge fund performance, they were still different from the figures 1 And 2 quarters: funds on the platform provided an average return in 1,15% in the third quarter compared to 8,25% And 6% in the first and second quarters, respectively. Event strategies showed the best results, providing a weighted average return in 6,46%, and the worst – multistrategies, with the result 0,39%. Continuing the trend of the previous quarter, the highest yield was received by large funds with assets of more than $3 billion – average 1,57% in the III quarter. For the second consecutive quarter, Citco observes a strong correlation between volatility and trading volumes. Despite the relative …

For the first three quarters, the net inflow of funds into hedge funds exceeded $23 billion Read more

IPO. How much you can earn and how not to lose

17,9%. That much on average, according to statistics, shares rise in price on the first day after the IPO. If you translate this into annual, the number will not fit on the calculator screen. Buying shares at the IPO can bring big profits. But there are a few subtleties., you need to know about.

5 prospective ETFs on S&P 500

Despite concerns about inflation, S&P 500 reaches new highs. Recent data on the income of technology companies and retail increased the optimistic mood. Profit 467 participants S&P 500 for the III quarter increased by 42,1% compared to the same period last year.

What Market Panic Days Teach Us

During sales 19 And 22 November, it is difficult for an investor to remain indifferent to the situation, watching, how portfolio value is steadily declining. Instinct prompts, that you urgently need to sell everything and leave with that, what's left. However, this behavior is often the most ineffective..

The mystery of NUGO's constant injections has been solved

The riddle is solved: strangely recurring almost daily influx $200 million in ETF growth over the past month is actually an internal transfer from the parent fund. Cash injections into the Nuveen Growth Opportunities ETF (ticker NUGO) come from his mutual funds, reported by Nuveen in an email.

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