Daytrading on the US Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) | Intraday trading Day trading

Trading in the financial market within one trading session during the day. It means, that the trading positions opened on this day are not carried over through the night to the next day and to the next trading session.

Market take off…

Tuesday was an interesting day, from the very morning, the bulls seized the initiative and did not let it go until the close. As a Russian bear, I don't like it. I did not expect such a take-off and sent GE to the OPG market for sale, eventually lost 2 cent, ok came out )) The market flew away rapidly, and I looked at it with my eyes closed, you could buy everything stupid and make a lot of money, but who could have expected such a rise. Tired of looking at all this waited for a rollback on the SP500 and seeing that everything was flying away bought a couple of shares of DJ and made some money ;) FO: I decided not to trade especially on such a day, don't like to buy. Something I saw a U-turn and I sold it., but accidentally made a mistake with the button and pushed a little share, leaving a couple of cents in + began to cover the position and not in vain, as it turned out later ) Lucky, went out in + for a large volume. ROH: I sold ROH for this very morning 2 day he grew up with 55$ to 78. Buy it. There was hope, that can cancel the purchase or whatever else and I will make a couple of points. The risk was minimal, and the ratio 1 to 20 by conservative estimates. BUT the stock didn’t move anywhere after a couple of hours of it …

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Well, let's start with =)

Today the market was sluggish, it seemed to me, there were no special movements where money was handed out, but to bargain I found that . FDP :  There were no blunders, but sorry I missed 2 currently FLO: The stock has broken its bottom, and everything would be fine, but there was a ridiculous aptik on futures and everything flew up, had to go out fo:  the stock had good potential, sold on a new day, while having dinner she just fell to 18 but I didn’t willingly go further, the rollback was expected so I sat out without sweating , but the next candles alerted and threw off most of the position. Left to look, when the bottom was broken, sold a little more , but in the end didn't go. RMD:  Dumbest trade of the day, sold catching up movement, but the most ridiculous thing is that he came out of it almost immediately. Then it’s even worse, sold it again and hit the reversal. UNP: You shouldn't touch such promotions at all., shadows do not allow an adequate stop. WAT: It was NOT worth catching up with the stock if you missed it , had to wait for the right moment . Results:  The worst mistake today was, what was trying to catch up with the stock.

Trading robot in Python: From strategy to successful algorithmic trading

A python trading robot from scratch. Algotrading

Trading Robot – it is a Python software tool, which automates the process of trading in the financial markets. It is based on pre-defined strategies and rules, which allow the robot to make trading decisions and execute trades without the need for human intervention. In this article, we will look at the important aspects of creating a trading robot in the Python programming language and its use in algorithmic trading.

Banks on Wall Street are hunting for experts in the field of artificial intelligence

Have you noticed, that the world around us is changing at a breakneck pace? Exactly. Banks on Wall Street, center of the global financial industry, do not stand still. They are actively looking for specialists in the field of artificial intelligence (II). But why is this happening and how can it affect our lives?? Let's try to figure it out.

A python trading robot from scratch. Algotrading

A python trading robot from scratch. Algotrading

How to start algorithmic trading. Writing robots from scratch for trading. Training Python Trading Robot from Scratch. Algotrading : My first thought about trading came from 4 Faculty of Economics course, when I realized, what you need to have passive income. Started with bank deposits and mutual funds (mutual funds), then fate threw me into IT. I am very addicted to this, entered a technical university and set a goal to combine information technology and exchange trading, because it's interesting, promising and highly paid. I will talk about, where to start mastering algorithmic trading without experience in trading and programming. More precisely, it will be a series of articles broken down into stages with a detailed description of the learning process and recommendations.. The training program is suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers, because. it also involves the development of exchange trading. Also, it may be of interest to traders, who will acquire the necessary knowledge in programming. Each stage is structured like this, that it won't take a lot of time, possible combination with work or study.

Popular trading robots, bots for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange

How cryptobots work? Each bot is a set of indicators and parameters, which automatically conduct a transaction on the exchange (or semi-automatically: with operator confirmation), when a buy or sell signal is determined. Most of the time, the bot is tuned to a specific market and time period, to make the results more predictable. This is not magic, which makes only good deals and brings 146%. Average profitability for 1-2% in a day, given the volatility and strong impact of news on exchanges.

Why traders can no longer earn without robots

This approach to trading will only gain popularity in the future and ultimately will almost completely oust the human factor from the market.In recent years, more and more funds and investment banks are cutting traders and portfolio managers, replacing them with mathematicians, quanta and machines. Famed financier Paul Tudor Jones after being laid off 15% staff of his fund told the remaining staff: No man is better than a machine, and no machine is better than a man with a machine ("No man is better than a machine, and no car is better than a man with a car "). There is every reason to believe, that such an approach to trading will only gain popularity in the future and ultimately will almost completely oust the human factor from the market. To verify this, enough to take a closer look at, What have modern financial markets become?.

We continue to sit in Ethereum (Ethereum)

While mastering the cryptocurrency and the purchased investments pay off a little. Unfortunately Bitcoin(Bitcoin) I accidentally covered, но эфириум (Ethereum) went halfway to my goal in 400$.  

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