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The meaning of the word "Trade" in popular dictionaries and encyclopedias, examples of the use of the term in everyday life. — (from English. «to trade» — trade) trade, transactions, deal. trade trading trading trading TRADER — (English, trader - trader) 1) brokerage firm employee, directly involved in stock trading, executing orders for the purchase and sale of securities; 2) any legal or natural person, authorized to trade on the stock exchange; 3) dealer.

What are Dark pools / Dark Pul | Iceberg orders | dark pools of liquidity | Dark liquidity

In the field of finance, dark liquidity pools(dark pools of liquidity), also called dark liquidity(dark liquidity) or just dark pools (dark pools) or black pools ( black pools) — is trading volume or liquidity, which is hidden from most players (participants) exchange market. Most of these transactions form large financial institutions , information about which is not displayed on general trading platforms, that is, such auctions are held anonymously. Such transactions are usually carried out through alternative financial networks. (ECN) or directly between major players on the exchange market. Benefits One of the main benefits for institutional investors using dark pools is buying or selling large blocks of securities. , not showing their intentions to other market participants and thus avoiding influence on the market , since neither the size of the transaction, neither the buyer or seller in this case is disclosed.

Словарь трейдера и инвестора. 100+ терминов Словарь трейдера и инвестора. 100+ терминов 3

Dictionary of trader and investor. 100+ terms

The Trader's Financial Dictionary contains basic exchange terms for beginners. Most relevant financial «slang». Market On Close (MOC) order is an order, which can be sent during the day during the trading session, but will be executed in the last trade at close. Throughout the trading day, exchanges accumulate MOC orders and bring them together in the last trade (print) trading day. After-hours trading — execution of transactions with securities after the close of the exchange session. Previously, this type of trade using special computer systems was used by, mainly, institutional traders. Many online brokers today offer access to «last day trading» a wide range of investors. Ask (asked price) — Selling price — seller's asking price, ie. the lowest price, by which he is ready to sell. At-the-opening order — order to the broker to conclude a deal at the best price at the opening of the exchange (at the beginning of the morning session). ATS (Alternative Trading Systems) — alternative trading systems are the fastest growing e-commerce medium. They provide their …

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