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Apple reduces the production of new iPhones due to a shortage of chips

According to Bloomberg, in 2021 year Apple will cut production of new iPhones 13 on 11%, with 90 to 80 million devices. And all because of the lack of chips: Broadcom and Texas Instruments suppliers do not have time to supply the necessary components. Apple is one of the largest customers of chips and can often work with suppliers on more favorable terms.

Apple has turned off the function of hiding the IP address for residents of Russia

Apple Disabled Private Site Feature, which encrypts traffic and allows you to bypass IP blocking. "Private node" allows you to encrypt traffic, passing user requests through two separate internet sites. “This is done to, so that no one, including Apple, could not use your IP address, geolocation and browsing history to create your detailed profile "

financial reporting calendar: with Manchester United - report, from Coca-Cola - income from securities

Company daily, we trade?? in the securities market, open business data: publish financial statements, hold meetings with journalists, introduce new products and say income from securities. We have collected all the principle actions of the coming week for those, who invests in securities.

Bundle of investment news: food delivery, punishment of the Robinhood software developers and the creation of

Participating financiers try to bend the Box management. New York cabinet filling dynamics threaten REIT difficulties. Factories threaten positive to the entire US real sector. DoorDash is blamed for the bad, but understandable things. Robinhood in the sights of the regulators.

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