Training of Internet trading on the stock exchange. Learning to trade stocks on the stock market

A long time dream to trade in the stock exchange USA, but I don't know where to start? Get training from an experienced and successful trader Dmitry Gavrilov.

Дмитрий Гаврилов

Start courses: September 2018
Duration from 3 months or more, classes are held remotely (online)

The cost of course : 990$

Course Day trading

Author and presenter : Dmitry Gavrilov (Good_Trade)
Started trading in 2008 year in Prop company shares the U.S. stock exchange(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, ETF)
With 2009 year senior trader and group leader prop company
More than 3 years of successful training of traders

Traded on the markets of Russia, Europe, USA, Canada: stock, options, futures

Goal: To teach you to trade profitably from scratch, to improve results and get rid of bugs. Create your individual trading strategy.

The course program:
The first month — course of introductory lectures.

Second month — practice, lectures, fixing materials.

With 3 months individual work with each trader.

Course features:

  • Develop individual trading strategies for your trading style
  • Analysis of your trades
  • Improve your trading
  • Detection of errors and getting rid of them
  • Constant monitoring on my part
  • Lectures
  • Individual risk management
  • Help and support

My training is 90% from practice, which, for years, taught other prop traders. We work closely every day, developing in you the skills of a successful trader.

I am looking for stocks where it is possible to predict the direction. We want to enter a position at a certain level and exit at a target profit. Sounds simple ? In many ways this is so, But there are thousands of different strategies to trade in the market. Every trader has a unique approach to trade. My aim, to teach you my strategy. I have developed several profitable trading strategies for beginners and professional traders. My trading courses are focused on the most fundamental aspects of successful trading.

After, as you will understand risk management and the correct selection of shares, I will teach you how to find profitable models on graphs. These models ,based on risk/profit and statistically allow us to earn.. We are looking for samples of patterns, in which well defined areas of support and resistance. I teach traders , how to find the model in real-time.

Risk management, the right choice of stock, as well as graphical models are important, but those by themselves do not create a trading strategy. Trading strategy requires information about the time when these transactions are open, what type of stock you want to trade, the percentage of profit you expect. All students have to prove to me, I can trade profitably, only then you can start real trading.

The most important thing for you right now, is to create skills , to successfully trade the market.

What is a training ?

The course consists of lessons in real time via SKYPE, in which you are given the theory, homework, additional materials and programs. All lectures are recorded and you can view them in your free time, to consolidate the material. Usually held 2-3 lectures per week in the evening(agree days, time with the group).

All completed homework assignments, we review together with the group, each student.During the lecture you can ask questions on unclear topics or clarify. The main goal, what would you have internalized the material and could apply it in real trading. The duration of the course depends on the speed of learning group. We will constantly analyze transactions in real examples, until you learn.

After the successful assimilation of the material and ability to apply them in practice will begin with individual work with each trader. This includes analysis of real transactions on your account, work on the bugs. Every trader is individual, especially in dealing with psychological problems.(Fears, discipline, motivation etc)

After training, you have a real chance to learn how to earn money on the stock exchange USA. Become a professional trader!

Places are limited!

Contacts :
Skype: nysetrade (Added marked “Training” )

Telegram: @Good_trades

Individualne training : 5000 2500 $ (+4 months coaching)

Курсы трейдеров nyse

Training traders trade on the U.S. Stock Exchange(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, ETF). Courses for traders and individual learning for beginners and professionals.


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