Online trading training on the stock exchange. Learning to trade stocks on the stock market

Have long dreamed of trading on the US stock exchange, but don't know where to start? Get trained by an experienced and successful trader Dmitry Gavrilov (Good_trade). Learn to trade stocks in the stock market from a pro without water and book theories. Practice only !

Course start: 18 May 2020
Duration from 3 months or more, classes are held remotely (online)

The cost course : 6500rub to 25 April 48.000rub

Day trading training course consists:

Author and presenter : Dmitry Gavrilov (Good_Trade)
Started trading in 2008 year in Prop company shares US stock exchange(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, ETF)
With 2009 years senior trader and group leader prop company
More 6 years of successful training for traders

Traded in the markets of Russia, Europe, USA, Of Canada: stock, options, futures, currency, cryptocurrency

Purpose of the course:

Teach you to trade profitably from scratch, improve results and eliminate errors. Create your customized trading strategy.

Course program:

The first month - a course of introductory lectures.

Second month - practice, lectures, fixing materials.

With 3 months individual work with each trader.

Features of the course:

  • Development of an individual trading strategy for your trading style
  • Analysis of your deals
  • Improve your trading
  • Finding errors and getting rid of them
  • Constant control on my part
  • Lectures
  • Individual risk management
  • Help and support

My Course of Study consists of 90% from practice, taught to other prop traders for years. We will work closely every day, developing in you the skills of a successful trader.

I'm looking for stocks in which direction can be predicted. We want to enter a position at a certain level and exit at the target with a profit. Sounds simple ? In many ways it is., But there are thousands of different strategies for trading the market.. Each trader has a unique approach to trading. My goal is, to teach you my strategy. I have developed a number of profitable trading strategies for beginners and professional traders. My trading courses focus on the most fundamental aspects of successful trading.

After that, how will you understand risk management and the correct selection of stocks, I will teach you how to find profitable patterns on charts. These models ,are based on risk / reward and statistically allow us to earn.. We are looking for sample patterns, with well-defined areas of support and resistance. I teach traders , how to find models in real time.

risk management, the right choice of stock, as well as graphic models are essential, but those by themselves do not create a trading strategy. The trading strategy requires detailed information about the time when these trades are opened, what type of stock do you want to trade, what percentage of profit do you expect. All students must prove to me, what can trade profitably, only after that you can start real trading.

The most important thing for you right now, it build skills , to trade successfully on the market.

Where to go to train.

Interesting resource discovered: And many other spirit guides. Full list here:http://prosto

What is stock trading training? Обучение торговле

The course consists of real-time lessons via SKYPE, in which you are given a theory, homework, additional materials and programs. All lectures are recorded and you can watch them in your free time, fix material. Usually carried out 2-3 lectures per week in the evening(we will coordinate the days, time with the group).

We analyze all completed homework together with the group., each student.In the course of the lecture, you can ask questions on incomprehensible topics or clarifications. the main objective, so that you fully assimilate the material and can apply it in real trading. The duration of the course depends on the rate of assimilation of the material by the group.. We will constantly analyze deals based on real examples., until you learn.

After successful assimilation of the material and the ability to apply them in practice, individual work with each trader will begin. This includes parsing the actual trades on your account., work on bugs. Every trader is different, especially in solving psychological problems.(fears, discipline, motivation, etc.)

After completing the course, you have a real chance to learn how to make money on the US stock exchange. Become a professional trader!

Limited number of seats!

5 person per group

Contacts :

Telegram: @Good_trades

Individual training : 5000 1800 Dollars (+2 months of coaching)

Обучение интернет трейдингу на бирже. Обучение торговле акциями на фондовом рынке

Training of traders to trade on the US Stock Exchange(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, ETF). Traders courses And individual training for beginners and professionals.


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