Bitcoin appears in the Top 15 assets by market capitalization

New Faces and Old Giants – Bitcoin взобрался на 12 a place
Gold, стоящее на вершине с ошеломляющими $13T, It looks like an immutable monolith of the world economy. But surprisingly, As New Tech Players, like Apple, Microsoft и Google, are rising rapidly, Showing the Power of Innovation.

:apple: Apple is not inferior with its $2.7T, Demonstrating, that iPhones and Macs are still trending.
:computer: Microsoft follows with $2.45T, Confirming its reputation in the world of software.
:earth_africa: And Google? well, Alphabet (Google's Mom Company) proudly worth $1.74T, An unexpected guest on this list is Bitcoin, showing, that the world of crypto is still on the rise with $672B.

Silver? Keeping up with $1.29T. Seems, Precious metals are still in vogue.
And what about a new face, Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) from $816B? Looks like, The metaverse is here., it's safe to say: The future is very interesting. AND, seems, It's already here.

A new player has emerged among traditional companies and innovative technology giants – cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which ranked 12th among the assets with the highest market capitalization.

1. Gold ($13T): Precious Metal, which is traditionally considered to be “Safe” Asset.
2. Apple ($2.7T): A global leader in consumer electronics and software.
3. Microsoft ($2.45T): One of the largest developers of software and cloud solutions.
4. Saudi Aramco ($2.15T): The largest oil company in the world.
5. Alphabet (Google) ($1.74T): Internet Tech Giant, Proficient in the Google search engine and other services.
6. Amazon ($1.32T): Leader in e-commerce and cloud computing.
7. Silver ($1.29T): Precious Metal, Used in a variety of industries.
8. NVIDIA ($1.06T): Innovative company, specializing in GPUs and artificial intelligence.
9. Meta Platforms (Facebook) ($816B): Company, behind the social network Facebook and the new concept of the metaverse.
10. Berkshire Hathaway ($740B): Warren Buffett Investment Company.
11. Tesla ($694B): A leader in the production of electric vehicles and innovative energy solutions.
12. Bitcoin ($672B): The first and most well-known cryptocurrency.
13. Eli Lilly ($557B): Large pharmaceutical company.
14. Visa ($489B): A global leader in payment systems.
15. UnitedHealth ($489B): One of the largest insurance companies in the healthcare industry.

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