Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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Меньше игр в США, streaming services play dirty games with advertisers, criminals find a place in life

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all issuers are from the USA, then all results in dollars. When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. We hope, Do you know, what to do.

"Now I will install all the games": in the U.S. play less

Entertainment Software Association (Entertainment Software Association, ESA) shared with the world a report on the state of affairs in the industry in the United States. Here's what's interesting:

  1. Games played 65%% adults and 71% of minors.
  2. 71% players - white.
  3. Mostly played, to have fun — 63%, unload and relieve stress — 57%, escape from problems — 46%.
  4. 70% play on smartphones, 52% — on consoles and 43% — on PCs. Wherein 60% use more than one device to play. The most popular pairs are "mobile device and set-top box" – 36% and "mobile device and PC" — 32%.
  5. Average amount of time, played per week, — 13 hours. This is 7% more, than in 2021.
  6. The total number of players decreased from 227 million in 2021 to 216 million in 2022. But now there are still more players., than in 2020, — 214 million.

Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

ESA brings together leading gaming companies like Capcom, Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: SHE), Epic Games and others. So they have first-hand access to the data..

Paragraph about reducing the number of players shareholders of gaming companies, certainly, should disturb: still reduces the volume of monetized audience.

But in general, the statistics presented give more reasons for optimism.. The drop in the number of players is largely due to the end of the quarantine., which, let's say hand on heart, mainly related to the beginning of the well-known events in Eastern Europe.

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So there is a high probability, that for a while the financial performance of gaming businesses will be treading water. But a new pandemic is almost inevitable and will again drive a significant part of the population into virtual worlds..

User demographics allow us to hope, that this market will be quite promising, taking into account the latest social, political and economic changes within the U.S. — even without the impact of the pandemic, although she, certainly, Help.

It's young people, which, in the current conjuncture, has nothing to hope for in economic terms and which will be occupied by games. That, that most players are white, for game companies, too, a plus from an economic point of view: the combination of active positive discrimination with the trend towards automation will exclude an increasing number of applicants from this group of the population from the labor market and they will somehow occupy themselves..

Well, of course, the biggest winners will be gaming companies with the strongest mobile gaming division..

"Man, buy advertising?»: how streaming services deceive advertisers

Investment media company GroupM and advertising performance evaluator iSpot.tv made a joint study of the effectiveness of advertising in streaming services, in which a shocking thing was discovered: nearly a billion dollars of advertising money goes nowhere, because the ads are coming, while the screen is off.

Nearly 17% advertising in streaming, broadcast on devices connected to the TV, Demonstrates, while the TV is turned off.

This is because, that the TV does not always send a signal through the HDMI cable to the device that, that the TV is turned off, — and the advertising continues to go.

When it comes to apps directly for TVs, then there are practically no such incidents: TVs have enough "brains" to understand, that they are turned off, and signal to the application that, that ads don't need to be shown. In general, it turns out, that 8-10% of advertising in streaming passes by users for this reason.

This news seems to be a problem., because they question the benefits of investing in streaming ads for advertisers — and, Consequently, this could hit streaming companies' advertising revenues. This is especially bad for manufacturers of streaming consoles like Roku (NASDAQ: YEAR): unclear, how long it will take them to fix this problem and how costly the solution will be.

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It's also very bad for streaming businesses., who have services with advertising, - Like Paramount Global (NASDAQ: PARA): in light of the information provided, advertisers will have questions about their pricing.

Only manufacturers of TVs like Vizio win here. (NYSE: VZIO). By the way, the study was conducted just on their televisions..

Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

Stolen, Sat down, to work: in the UNITED States are ready to hire ex-criminals

American labor market experts analyzed many job postings and found, that U.S. employers have significantly improved attitudes towards people with criminal records and are willing to hire them.

For this year, the number of vacancy announcements, where it is indicated, that people with criminal records are ready to be considered on an equal footing with others or that the presence of a criminal record will not be clarified at all, grew by 45%.

All this, of course, caused by a significant shortage of workers in the United States and, basically, Naturally. In the U.S., 70-100 million people have had some trouble with the law in the past., and ignoring this pool of manpower would be foolish..

This carries considerable risks , primarily for the spheres of catering and hospitality.: they traditionally pay low salaries and it is there that ex-convicts can be hired in statistically significant quantities., for people with a criminal record are society, Unfortunately, assigns a place in the lower strata of the labor market.

So,, one can be wary of mountains of news along the lines of "courier", the cashier or driver of the company XXX beat and robbed the client" with extremely negative consequences for the quotes of these companies.

Bundle of investment news: video games, criminals and streaming

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