Crypto strategist named entry zones for BTC and ETH

Cryptocurrency strategist Mikael van de Poppe confessed, who is not a supporter of the meme-based token Shiba Inu (SHIB), which skyrocketed this week, despite the decline in top assets

Crypto strategist named entry zones for BTC and ETH

The analyst hopes, that SHIB will soon disappear and encourages to look for other investment opportunities, rather than becoming a victim of FOMO:

“In a matter of hours, the SHIB rate can be highly corrected. Hope, that you will not buy this asset, even with bouts of FOMO. There are many other investment opportunities. ".

He is disappointed with, that attention to SHIB has distracted the community from worthy crypto projects, DeFi-related, DAO and NFT:

"I do not regret, what missed the rise of SHIB. I have my achievements and selected assets. However, I'm starting to hate meme coins, that divert attention from worthy DeFi projects, DAO and NFT. It's sad to see such a trend. ".

To draw attention to credible projects, Van de Poppe Indicates Ideal Entry Points for BTC:

“If you have a desire to enter the market, then good prospects are looming in the area around $57 000. I think, that chances are looming on the horizon to return to this level ".

Besides, the analyst noted a couple of key levels for those wishing to enter ETH:

“Two levels between $3600 And $3900 are entry points for those, who wants to enter the market ".

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