Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

For a long time, invented for themselves a comfortable, multi-monitor workstation. In life we have to solve the problem, associated with programming, testing, VMS and treatment is rarely variable dynamic information.

After the separation of the apartment under the lab, decided to collect 10 monitor Desk, where all monitors connected to one system unit and organize a single workspace.

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)
Bought in different places:
1) Ordinary spacious office Desk;
2) The housing for the system unit (need a big and quiet, for a large number of hard);
3) Modern accessories: motherboard under 2011 socket, with support 64 GB of RAM (4-channel mode) and with the ability to connect to 12 hard drives, graphics card, with the ability to connect up to 4 monitors each (total no of risers in one system unit are placed three modern graphics cards). Graphics card must be passive cooling, silent power supply, modern processor etc.
4) Monitors (just 10 pieces): center — 2 monitor size 27 inches, lower (main workspace) high resolution and top, who will perform the role of control panel, directory output, subsidiary working environment in graphic and video editors;
5) UPS (2 things) – one for the system unit and the second under monitors;
6) Timber wooden, to create a Desk frame, furniture panel for roof, lighting, fasteners, wire and so on.

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

1. Prepare the table

First, there was the idea to consolidate the side monitors on the brackets under the two monitors, which are mounted on the edge of the table. The disadvantage revealed in the form of difficulties of orientation of the monitors in space and observed the responsiveness of the system to any perturbation:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

So I had to abandon this idea and make a bracket for each monitor separately. For fixing each bracket used bars, which assembled form a frame over the table. The use of wood has allowed to build a frame for a very short time. Mounts to the table is carried out by bolts, with the possibility of disassembly at the next crossing:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

The main brackets I decided to use brackets the company Kromax, model Techno-1. Very universal brackets, and for a very affordable price:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)
Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

After marking the holes for the brackets and final fitting, the wood is treated with stain, that helped to protect and create any under the table shade:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

Cover made of furniture Board. Subsequent to the cover attached to the lamp.

2. Assembly design

After all the preparatory activities start attaching monitors to their seats:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)
Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

For accurate location of cables fasten the cable channel to the inner back of the cap table. Perfect construction hooks – they perfectly fit the cables, and for secure tightening of plastic cable ties.

3. Iron

For a comfortable and productive work you need a powerful iron. The original idea was about 12 monitors, two panels on 42 inch was going to hang on the side walls, but the money is already out 150 Tr, therefore, with the latest wait until the fall.

Due to the fact, the system will be located in one chassis, the use of standard graphics cards, which output to three monitors for me was not allow. "Kolhozah" risers did not want, Yes and double row system unit resembled my crypto farm from far away 2011 year:

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

Was chipsets from ATI with the ability to connect to 6 monitors simultaneously, but required special adapters, to connect this number of sub-monitors, equipped with DVI and VGA.

The situation was saved by the Nvidia Gt640, which have from 4 port for connecting monitors. The scheme is as follows: powerful 27" monitors are connected via HDMI, the other through DVI and VGA. Thus, it is possible to connect up to 12 monitors to one system unit without alterations! In addition to all — they are with passive cooling!

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

So I had to take a spacious case Corsair Obsidian Black 900. This, without exaggeration monster, easily accommodates not only the video card, but 9 hard drives + remains 3 open slots in the compartments of the 5.25”, you can set the sled with hard drives. In total the case can fit 12 hard drives. Also, a huge plus is the ability to install two power supplies and the place ready for planting of radiator (all are in stock, in the fall I will install).

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

Accordingly, the housing needs of the productive motherboard with the ability to connect 12 hard drives. Why 12? You have to keep constantly running multiple virtual machines (from 4 to 10), and better, when to each its own dedicated ssd drive, on other two system and high-speed file storage for video processing. RAID array for file storage and backup of virtual machines located on a separate server. And so, motherboard ASUS X79-Deluxe under 2011 socket.

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

In order not to be tedious, accelerated: power supply Corsair TX850M, a feature of which is the fact, so far the load is small – the cooling fan not used, which ensures complete silence. Further, ssd Samsung 256 Gb system, BlueRay drive and 4 pair of RAM, total volume 64 GB — expanse for virtual machines.

Now on to the issue of uninterrupted power supply: separate the flies from cutlets and monitors connected to the same UPS, a system unit to another. This separation will reduce the load and increase battery life.

Also, mouse – Logitech G600, which is convenient to record macros of common workflows, and wireless keyboard Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350.

4. Operating system

First I wanted to put Linux system, but the number of tasks is not allowed to even use a virtual machine, therefore, the scales are tipped in the side Windows. When comparing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 turned up a few things, to facilitate the work. So, for example, in eight improved system to operate in a multi-monitor system, namely, every Desk is now equipped with its individual add-and has a total panel. Seven had to move the mouse in the window, the primary monitor and there to make choice.
But revealed the lack of, which much not yet understood: in both systems, completely lost the sequence of Windows, if you use “Alt”+”Tab”! The good number screens allows you to place the majority of the open Windows on your own monitor, but at first I caught myself automatically switching Windows.

5. Conclusion

In the beginning there were worries about excessive load on the vision, as well as the inconvenience surrounded by such a number of monitors. After starting two weeks have passed and now can articulate their feelings: extremely comfortable, but there is a limitation of human perception (though, possible, not yet fully adapted). The essence of the following: when posting that amount of Windows, in the mental task switching, for some time, think about that, where was the last time you left the window you need. At first had a few times to click on icons of running apps, but where they appeared – came immediately. Are planning to win a clear consolidation of every monitor a specific task: the main lower – workspace, top file managers, Trey, shortcuts and directories. The left side is reserved for the graphical display (Acdsee) and tab source of information (browser, document). Right side under the General information tab (reference). Also the next side monitors are used for virtual machines. It would be nice to use the stereo — output the notification sound for any app in that column, in the side where the application resides, thanks to the hearing will expedite the process of identifying the parties, you want to turn. I think, clearly posted signals in the system 5.1 (or 7.1) will contribute to a more precise definition of the source — that's the task for the lab in the fall!

The far side monitors are suitable only for rarely changed information. Here are ideal some Windows Skype, mail program, the task Manager, information system sensors and alarms to automatically monitor changes on websites. On 11 and 12 the monitors would make the display of TV/video content and displaying the video surveillance for the staircase and Parking area.

Desk trader, their hands(10 monitors)

In General, here is a working place managed to organize for the holidays. Still need to finish side shelves for printer, scanner. Also, on a similar frame pattern made table for photo and video reviews, where the main role was given to the lighting and the bracket to mount the camera and camera. I like, expect half a year to collect second place for assistant (there is a need to process an increasing flow of information), so happy to hear criticism/suggestions!


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