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Sometimes you want to relax and watch a good movie. And you can combine pleasant with useful and watch movies about traders, exchange. Of course don't count, that will tell you some sacred knowledge, but, at least, the motivation you provided. Below you can read an overview of the most interesting movies about traders and immediately download them.

Thank you ursobovo for well-arranged list of movies. This list, selected my movies about the stock market and traders – updated version of the old Traders Movie Awards.Through 1-2 months lay still about the same number of movies. (c)[info]ursobovo

ENG – suggests, I was very surprised, if this film is in Russian language. All other films without this icon – in Russian

2. Conman (Rogue trader) 1999
3. In the pursuit of happiness (Pursuit Of Happyness) 2006 year
4. Wall street (Wall Street) 1987 year
5. Boiler room (Boiler Room) 2000 year

6. Oil / There Will Be Blood (2007)
7. Scam of the century / The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron (2003)
8. Dealers / Dealers (1989)
9. A good year / A Good Year(2006)
10. Broker / Quicksilver (1986) ENG /
11. Jail exchange / Buy & Cell (1989)
12. Bear hunt / 2007 (Russia)
13. Trading places / Trading Places / 1983 year /the final episode/
14. Assistant Hudsucker / The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) /episode/
15. Bonfire of the vanities / The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)
16. Werewolves of wall Street / Wolves of Wall Street (2002)
17. Other people's money / Other People's Money (1991) /episode/
18. To raise the stakes / Limit Up (1989) /the episode involving ray Charles/
19. Traders / Traders (1996) The series. 5 Seasons (83 series) /episode 1 season/ ENG /

Documentary / TV show

23. Soldiers Wall Street/Wall Street Warriors. Season 1 (2006) /episode/
24. Warriors wall street 2/Wall Street Warriors 2 (2008) ENG/RUSS /1-3 series online ENG/ /download 1-3 RUSS/
25. Traders million dollar/Million Dollar Traders / 2008 year ENG /
26. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) ENG /
27. Girls of Enron/Women of Enron 2002 year (under the leadership of PLAYBOY) ENG /download/
28. The Story Of Paul Tudor Jones Trader: The Documentary 87 year ENG /download/
29. Bet a trillion dollars/Trillion Dollar Bet 2000 year ENG /episode/ /download/
30. FLOORED 2009 year ENG /all episodes online/


34. Wall street : Money never sleeps / Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps official. the website
35. Pete / The PIT 2010 ENG
36. The warriors of wall street 3 / Wall street warriors
37. Cheating / Scam (excellent Korean film. true) the trailer RUSS

Documentaries about trading

The people who built America IMDb: 8.60 (1892)

serial lyudi postroivshye amerikuThis opens a list of film series, about the richest people of America, who were the fathers of modern entrepreneurship. The Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegie, Jobs, Buffett and gate, the world famous businessmen. What is their story?

Insiders IMDb: 8.30 (55 954)

film insajderyA film about the global recession, about the crisis 2007-2010 years and its impact. Interviews with senior officials of the financial world, politicians, journalists. The film is about the systemic corruption in the financial sector of the USA.

Corporation (2003) IMDb: 8.10 (18 148)

film korporaciyaThe film is about how there were corporations, how they work and how affect our lives. The filmmakers wonder: if we consider the Corporation as a type of human personality, what could a psychiatrist say about this "personality" and her behavior?

Enron: The smartest guys in the room IMDb: 7.70 (10 689)

film parni samye smyshlennye v komnateThe film is about the largest of the famous financial frauds in U.S. history. Top Enron has enormous power and virtually controlled, it aims to make easy money. Actually, here are some of their interesting story.

The Warriors Of Wall Street IMDb: 7.30 (241)

voiny wall streetPerhaps, trading classic. If someone else was not looking, it's a documentary about various everyday traders with Wall Street.

Quanta: The alchemists of wall Street

film kvanty alhimiki's wall streetOne of the most useful movies with this set, and just 45 min. Think about how mathematical genius, who invent financial models. You need to extract from the film, what do you think of financial models MATHEMATICS, and not seers or sorcerers, so stop guessing)!

In the exchange hole

film v yame birzhevojThe film is about, as it was before. How trade was conducted in the trading pit, not the monitor. Listening to these interviews, understand, what changes need to open doors, not to avoid them.

Capitalism: Love story IMDb: 7.40 (35 460)


kapitalizm istoriya lybviThe film is a poignant social satire. On the causes and consequences of the global economic crisis.


Home Money kinopoisk: 8.323 241

film hozyaeva denegData-intensive film, about the concept of money, tax, debt. The history of money, the history of banking.


The ascent of money

voshozhdenie denegDocumentary, filmed by Neil Ferguson in his book "the Ascent of money: financial history of the world". This is the favorite book of the CEO of Coca-Cola Company Muhtar Kent, and no wonder. It describes the whole evolution of the financial system. .

Modern money mechanics

sovremennaya mehanika denegHow to construct a modern financial system. Who and how it was created. Modern Mechanics of Money: how the Federal Reserve is issuing the national currency of the USA.

Traders in a million

trejdery na milionA SHOW about a group of eight novice traders, trading on the stock exchange during the global financial crisis 2007-2010 year. The show is a show)

Trader (1987)

film trejderThe documentary tells the story of the eminent trader Field Tudor Jones. His condition in 57 years was $3,2 billion.


  1. In the pursuit of happiness IMDb: 8.00 (330 205)

That movie, a must view, more than once. In any situation, you will be able to extract from it a useful lesson. Chris Gardner — a single father. He is struggling to raise her son happy.

Once on the street, but not wanting to give up, his father arranged an internship in a brokerage company, and want to specialist. That's just over a 6-month internship, he will not receive any money.

  1. The wolf of wall street IMDb: 8.20 (840 716)

Comedy, American Comedy, about the famous Jordan Belfort, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. In our reality can be compared to Forex brokers.

  1. Oil IMDb: 8.10 (365 328)

Based on the novel "Oil" a classic of American literature Upton Sinclair. In the late 1920s in California, the entrepreneur alone engaged in searching for gold and silver, and becomes oil producer.


The film is based on real stories, several sellers, are independently from each other predicted the global economic crisis, but short was not so easy.

  1. Glengarry Glen Ross (Americans) IMDb: 7.80 (78 450)

Classic movies, for sellers. The film is about the sellers of real estate, started a black stripe and nothing is for sale. Guide predprinimaet measures…

  1. Social network IMDb: 7.70 (501 584)

The film is about the College days of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, and about the founding of Facebook.

  1. Trading places IMDb: 7.50 (107 095)

A great Comedy. Eddie Murphy at the wall Street, sounds fun.

  1. Wall street IMDb: 7.40 (122 174)

Small broker wants to get rich and wants to become a team member of a major stock exchange sharks. He wants to convey to his future chief of the secret information on the activities of the airline, in which his father works. And only after, how old enough a heart attack, the hero begins to think about how, on the way, leading to big business, you can lose not only loved ones, but his own conscience.

  1. Too cool for failure IMDb: 7.40 (11 401)

Based on the bestseller by Andrew Ross Sorkin, “Too big, to fail" offers a new perspective on the global financial crisis 2008 year. About those people, which decided the fate of the world economy in a few weeks.

  1. PI IMDb: 7.50 (146 676)

The debut film from Darren Aronofsky, in which a mathematical genius Max Cohen discovers a link between numbers and reality, and, thus, believes, что он может предсказать будущее и курсы всех биржевых акций.

  1. Region of darkness IMDb: 7.40 (438 150)

The film is about an unsuccessful writer, whose life is transformed when he adopts a top-secret drug, which allows him to use 100% your brain and become a perfect version of yourself. His enhanced abilities soon attract circumstances surrounding, which threaten his new life.

  1. Barbarians at the gate IMDb: 7.30 (2294)

TV film, based on the book by Brian berrow and John Chelaru, on redemption of the share of borrowed funds (LBO) of RJR Nabisco.

  1. Limit risk/Margin Call IMDb: 7.10 (96 311)

Thriller from the world of big money talks about the key figures in the investment firm during one of the first days of the financial crisis, which was caused in 2008 year, inexperienced when financial analyst Peter Sullivan discovers information, which could sink his company. And causes a series of solutions, heavy – as a financial, and morally which encourages all of the participants on the brink of disaster.

  1. Overheard IMDb: 7.10 (2211)

The story revolves around three members of the team of police, which is investigating financial investment group, участвующих в уголовном мошенничестве. Они натыкаются на возможность заработать на информации, which gathered during the case study..

  1. Boiler room IMDb: 7.00 (42 578)

Seth Davis,в школьные годы организовал в своем собственном доме незаконное казино для бывших одноклассников. Однажды он натыкается неизвестную, быстро растущую компанию JT Marlin. Предложения торговать акциями по телефону, Сету звучит как сладкая музыка. Для этой компании не нужно экономическое образование или опыт работы, просто готовность трудиться и не спрашивать слишком много. И обещают в течение первых трех лет заработал миллион.

  1. Life without principles IMDb: 7.00 (1635)

The modern financial world is crumbling, the stock market collapsed... And still trying: save your money, to sell, to buy or to run off with other people's money. So, the Bank Manager Teresa, in fear of losing their jobs, impose stocks the trust Fund with a high risk elderly client. Police inspector Chung is looking for a pensioner-the murderer and investigating the death of a moneylender, scoring in the underground garage. And triad your worries is one of them, brother Panther, a simple-minded incompetent, tries to help to return the money to your friend, financial broker...

  1. A good year IMDb: 6.90 (70 617)

Story of London expert in the field of investment. Which field of death of his uncle returned to the vineyard, where he spent most of his childhood. He wants to leave the past behind and as soon as possible to sell the vineyard… Very nice and beautiful film.

  1. Overheard 2 IMDb: 6.80 (1030)

Manson, знаменитый биржевой брокер в Гонконге, получил травму в автомобильной аварии. Полиция во главе с инспектором Джеком Хо, the device is detected by military surveillance in a car accident…

  1. The Bank IMDb: 6.70 (2485)

Who invented the math formula, which can be used to predict stock market volatility — will make a difficult choice: to join the company's greedy head of the Bank Simon O was Rally or to maintain independence from the big capital.

  1. Vicious passion IMDb: 6.60 (41 540)

When in new York for the first time we meet with a financial magnate Robert Miller (Richard Gere), он представляется как воплощение успешного американского бизнесмена с идеальной семейной жизнью. Но он ведет двойную жизнь.

  1. Sell IMDb: 6.60 (6795)

Weir, British tech genius, and Dylan, eloquent American, friends, которые считают себя современными Робин Гудами.

  1. Wall Street: Money never sleeps IMDb: 6.30 (86 504)

Продолжение классической первой части. Гордон Гекко (Michael Douglas), former financial shark. In the past, his insurance fraud and money laundering instilled to prison. Now his Outlook is not promising, through my fingers just looking at it, not only his former colleagues, но и дочь Винни.

  1. Financial monster IMDb: 6.50 (63 575)

Film about the popular television program, whose star, Lee Gates (George Clooney), known as “guru wall street”, advises viewers, how and where to invest money. When listening to it financial management Kyle lost all their savings. И хочет выяснить кто виноват.

  1. Scam of the century IMDb: 6.30 (732)

The story of the rise and fall of Enron, one of the most important energy companies in the world, from the perspective of employee Brian Crowe.

  1. Conman IMDb: 6.30 (8050)

Drama, основанная на реальных событиях. О человеке, который работал в филиале Сингапурского видного лондонского банка Barings Bank. Амбициозный Ник является своего рода финансовым гением не хочет признать недостатки в электронных денежных операций, а также очень рад рисковать. Так случается, what he gives in to temptation and enters into a vicious circle, stock exchange transactions without their own resources, который может принести много денег.

  1. Bank error in your favor IMDb: 6.20 (582)

When Julien Foucault, Butler venerable investment Bank Berthin-shvarc, finds out about his dismissal, he sees the opportunity to realize his dream: to open a restaurant with his best friend. But after 17 years of loyal service, банк не дает ему какую-либо финансовую поддержку. Жюльен решает воспользоваться конфиденциальной информацией

  1. Other people's money IMDb: 6.10 (6696)

Andrew, the owner of a successful business, отказывается позволить жадному Ларри Гарфилду приобрести компанию. Амбициозный юрист Кейт Салливан решил найти компромисс, of course, в пользу Эндрю. Ларри видит единственный способо купить компанию

  1. Companion (1996) IMDb: 6.00 (6236)

Финансовый аналитик Лорел Айрис — является талантливым биржевым брокером, but, unfortunately, she can't get promoted, because she is a woman, что непреемлемо для ее босса. Поэтому она делает свою собственную брокерскую фирму, but success comes only then, when invents a male partner With Robert. Катти.

  1. Jail exchange IMDb: 5.90 (486)

Herbie Altman, stock broker, substituted his superiors as a scapegoat, pleased for financial fraud his company in the prison cell with the ruthless sentence of "13 years!". Initially knocked out of the habitual life gauge, he gradually settled and began to develop in the walls of the prison... active exchange activity. Soon, the beloved newspaper of the prisoners became the "wall street Journal"...

  1. Bear Hunting IMDb: 5.90 (8)

Oleg Grinev nicknamed Bear works at the stock exchange. Unerring financial instincts and years of experience broker let him conceive a great game. Starting it, he doesn't just want to earn a lot of money. The main goal is to create conditions for the revival of the economy of the new Russia, but there is another, personal — to avenge the death of his father. Oleg doesn't even know, how cool the "big game" will change his life...

  1. Dealers IMDb: 5.70 (282)

Very different in temperament brokers — prudent rationality romantic and a risk taker set by the authorities in the same team, to the financial Corporation out of the losing streak. Outbreak of the love between them only helps success in the stock market game.

  1. Imagine yourself IMDb: 5.60 (10 351)

Another movie with Eddie Murphy. What to do, if your success depends on the imagination of your daughter? Вместе с дочерью амбициозный финансист начинает увлекательное путешествие, during which they discover, sometimes junk nothing more, than just a little imagination … и много любви. Представьте себе крутой фильм, in which “there's something for everyone” .

  1. Broker IMDb: 5.50 (3580)

Jack Casey is a young stock broker, changing career after a big loss.

  1. Pumping capital IMDb: 5.40 (867)

Lee Winters, ex-star, after the mysterious death of her husband becomes the head of the petrochemical company. Do not understand the business and financial operations, she enlists the help of an expert in the transactions on the stock exchange, some of Hubbell's Smith. Experiencing personal feelings for winters, he warns her company from collapse in the exchange fever, emerged after a sudden transfer of capital "emirs of oil" from Saudi Arabia.

  1. Bankruptcy IMDb: 4.70 (318)

Эрвана работает в авторитетном банке Нью-Йорка. Once, reading the article on climatology, он отмечает взаимосвязь между изменениями цен на акции на мировых рынках и физическими изменениями погодных условий. Будучи убежден в своем революционном открытии, the result of the dramatic events he is fired. Вместе с партнером основывают фонд, который имеет гигантский успех. Многие влиятельные учреждение начинают интересоваться его открытием.

  1. Werewolves of wall Street IMDb: 2.50 (533)

Welcome to the "Wolf brotherhood" — a prestigious brokerage firm on wall Street. Here is valued only success, and success at any cost. In this firm young stockbrokers earn big money, literally "biting into the throat" to its customers and "sucking them to the last drop of blood".

  1. The grindstone quotes / For whom does the margin call

Ivan – a real magician with numbers, capable of ‘to ride the waves of the stock market’ as a natural born trader. Because of this gift, he easily brings

huge profits of investment company, in which. But not everything is so rosy. Sleepless nights make themselves known. And, as they ascend

the ladder of success, he is growing more distant from the world around and himself.

It seems, it was time to leave. Before it's too late…

  1. Your man | The Insider

Джеффри Уайгэнда увольняют с поста вице-президента крупнейшей табачной компании за то, what he protests against the use of tobacco products in the component, calling smokers drug addiction. Lowell Bergman, the producer of the popular TV show, find out about it and convinces Wigand to deliver revelatory interviews on TV... of Course, this is not like the pillars of the tobacco industry, attesting to the harmlessness of products. The oligarchs take the most severe measures, that information didn't become public knowledge. From Weigand wife leaves, Lowell Bergman goes on vacation. There, where large sums of money involved, it is useless to fight for justice, but Lowell and Wigand not stop fighting.

"Money for nothing: Fed from the inside"

(Money for nothing: inside the federal reserve), released in 2011 year. The authors of the masterpiece, telling about the causes of the crisis 2008 year and its similarity with the great depression, were made by the representatives of an educational platform Economics 101 and Investing 101. You talk about the things, о которых в ФРС предпочитают не вспоминать.

"Hunter of wall Street" (Drama) 2017 g.

Gerard Butler has long established himself as a talented actor. Dozens of well played roles, unlike each of the other images, a variety of genres during his career, he faced many. Now he has to play the role of Dana Jensen. He works for a large company and trying to get a promotion. Yet it is not possible. But soon the fate gives a chance the boss is retiring. And the hero can take his place. Only it will have to compete. Its main competitor – Lynn Vogel, having a lot of ambitions and desires. The man begins to work, as never before. He wants, to that he inherited the place of the chief. And for this, he will try to put a lot of effort.

A documentary about bitcoin and cryptocurrency:

1. Banking On Bitcoin («Ставка на bitcoin")

This film is very similar to The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin ("The rise and rise of bitcoin"). He introduces viewers to the first enthusiasts of the new technology and its UPS and downs. Throughout the movie the authors try to answer the question: can there be a balance between regulation and innovation? The film discusses various issues, associated with bitcoin and the story of the contribution of the pioneers of technology in the formation of the blockchain. Recommended for those, anyone interested in the issue of regulation and innovation in Scripturally.

2. Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It ("Bitcoin: End familiar to us money")

Because blackany largely remain a mystery to a wider audience, the purpose of most documentaries is the narrative about this amazing technology. In this sense, this film is no different from other. It tells, what bitcoin different from other currencies and why it has captured the minds of many people. It is decentralized and bestoverture device has revolutionized the financial sector. Bitcoin has challenged traditional banking and financial systems. The title of the film refers to that process. The Director tries to show, how much the new cryptocurrency has affected and will affect traditional and so familiar to us financial system.

3. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin ("The rise and rise of bitcoin")

In the world there are people, closely associated with bitcoin, actively buying and applying. All they will tell you, the development of cryptocurrencies can be compared to a roller coaster ride. Behind the monumental success was followed by disastrous failures. The trip was completely unpredictable, with unexpected plot twists. The Director tried to show all this to the wider public, hence the name. "The rise and rise of bitcoin" is a film, telling the history of bitcoin. It covers all related events, ever caught in the headlines.

4. Bitcoin Gospel ("The gospel of bitcoin")

Were you interested in device of bitcoin? As it can be used for payments? This Dutch movie is supposed to give an exhaustive answer to these questions. It begins with the speech of the bitcoin Roger angel Faith. He explains, how cryptocurrency works. In fact the film is dedicated to the life of Faith. It tells about how, as he promotes bitcoin, and about the bitcoin mining in China. In addition, the authors included in the picture information about other known bitcoin enthusiasts, such as Andreas Antonopoulos. So this film for those, who would like to get to know about the life of bitcoin evangelists.

5. The Bitcoin Story ("The story of bitcoin")

The plot of this film develops rapidly. It contains all the secrets, свя­зан­ные с воз­ник­но­ве­ни­ем бит­ко­и­на, а также рас­ска­зы­ва­ет­ся об ос­но­вах тех­но­ло­гии, по­ли­ти­че­ской подо­пле­ке и спо­соб­но­сти бит­ко­и­на транс­фор­ми­ро­вать фи­нан­со­вый сек­тор. In addition, ре­жис­се­ры вклю­чи­ли в кар­ти­ну мне­ния вен­чур­ных ка­пи­та­ли­стов о крип­то­ва­лю­тах.

6. History Of Bitcoin («История биткоина»)

В филь­ме рас­ска­зы­ва­ет­ся об ис­то­рии со­зда­ния уни­каль­ной тех­но­ло­гии, пред­став­ле­ны ва­ри­ан­ты ее при­ме­не­ния, а также от­сле­жи­ва­ет­ся эво­лю­ция бит­ко­и­на с мо­мен­та со­зда­ния до се­го­дняш­не­го дня.

7. Magic Money («Волшебные деньги»)
Этот фильм был со­здан, чтобы от­ве­тить на неко­то­рые из по­пу­ляр­ных во­про­сов о бит­ко­ине. It tells about how, что пред­став­ля­ет собой крип­то­ва­лю­та и ка­ко­во ее вли­я­ние на об­ще­ство, опи­сы­ва­ет­ся фор­ми­ро­ва­ние пер­во­го по-на­сто­я­ще­му гло­баль­но­го циф­ро­во­го пла­теж­но­го сред­ства. Бит­ко­ин кон­тро­ли­ру­ет­ся не со­вре­мен­ны­ми фи­нан­со­вы­ми ин­сти­ту­та­ми, а лю­дь­ми, ко­то­рые его ис­поль­зу­ют. В кар­тине опи­сы­ва­ет­ся про­ис­хож­де­ние крип­то­ва­лю­ты и ее устрой­ство; рас­смат­ри­ва­ет­ся во­прос, дей­стви­тель­но ли она яв­ля­ет­ся шагом впе­ред для об­ще­ства. Ав­то­ры по­дроб­но ис­сле­ду­ют за­га­доч­ное про­ис­хож­де­ние бит­ко­и­на и пы­та­ют­ся пред­ста­вить его бу­ду­щее.

8. The Bitcoin Experiment («Эксперимент ″Биткоин″”)
Этот фильм вышел в 2016 году и пред­став­ля­ет собой со­ци­аль­ный экс­пе­ри­мент по ле­ги­тим­но­сти циф­ро­вой ва­лю­ты. Ав­то­ры от­пра­ви­лись в Скан­ди­на­вию, to learn, го­то­ва ли она для бит­ко­и­на. Фильм стал их свое­об­раз­ным днев­ни­ком. По­смот­рев­шие The Bitcoin Experiment от­ме­ча­ют, что это от­лич­ное вве­де­ние в бит­ко­ин. В нем по­ка­зы­ва­ет­ся, как циф­ро­вая ва­лю­та обес­пе­чит обыч­но­му че­ло­ве­ку сво­бо­ду от су­ще­ству­ю­щих фи­нан­со­вых струк­тур и рас­ска­зы­ва­ет­ся о пре­иму­ще­ствах этой ре­во­лю­ци­он­ной тех­но­ло­гии.

9. Life On Bitcoin («Жизнь с биткоином»)
Бит­ко­ин кри­ти­ку­ют с са­мо­го мо­мен­та его воз­ник­но­ве­ния. Неко­то­рые утвер­жда­ют, что невоз­мож­но про­жить, по­ку­пая все необ­хо­ди­мое ис­клю­чи­тель­но на крип­то­ва­лю­ту и пол­но­стью за­ме­нить ею кре­дит­ные карты и на­лич­ные день­ги. Чтобы до­ка­зать об­рат­ное, одна се­мей­ная пара ре­ши­лась на необыч­ный экс­пе­ри­мент. В те­че­ние 100 дней они долж­ны были про­жить, рас­пла­чи­ва­ясь толь­ко крип­то­ва­лю­той. Фильм опи­сы­ва­ет их увле­ка­тель­ное при­клю­че­ние. Глав­ная ин­три­га за­клю­ча­ет­ся в том, что они на­ча­ли экс­пе­ри­мент сразу же после сва­дьбы. Кар­ти­на на­гляд­но по­ка­за­ла, на­сколь­ко редко крип­то­ва­лю­та встре­ча­ет­ся за пре­де­ла­ми круп­ных го­ро­дов и как тя­же­ло было убе­дить про­дав­цов при­нять бит­ко­и­ны в ка­че­стве опла­ты.

10. Bitcoin Heist («Похищение биткоинов»)

Сюжет этого бо­е­ви­ка за­вя­зан на бит­ко­ине и ха­ке­рах, ко­то­рых на­зы­ва­ют бичом со­вре­мен­но­го крип­то­ва­лют­но­го мира. Агент Ин­тер­по­ла пы­та­ет­ся пой­мать ле­ген­дар­но­го ки­бер­пре­ступ­ни­ка по клич­ке При­зрак, со­брав ко­ман­ду из крип­то­во­ров. Вско­ре агент об­на­ру­жи­ва­ет, что им не зна­ко­мо такое по­ня­тие, как честь.

11. Bitcoin Rebellion — The Beginning («Биткоин-восстание: Начало»)
В этой кар­тине бит­ко­ин име­ну­ет­ся ше­стой ве­ли­чай­шей ин­но­ва­ци­ей в ис­то­рии денег. Его никто не кон­тро­ли­ру­ет и никто им не вла­де­ет. Фильм был снят в рам­ках про­грам­мы парт­нер­ства и ин­но­ва­ций Уни­вер­си­те­та Син­гу­ляр­но­сти (Singularity University).


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