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Sometimes you want to relax and watch a good movie.. Or you can combine business with pleasure and see films about traders, stock exchange. Of course don't count, what some sacred knowledge will tell you, but, least, a charge of motivation is provided to you. Below you can read a review of the most interesting films about traders and download them immediately..

Thank you so much ursobovo for a high-quality list of films. This list, selected films about the stock exchange and traders — an updated version of the old Traders Movie Awards. 1-2 month I'll post about the same number of films. (c)ursobovo

films about traders, stock exchange

ENG — talks about, that I will be very surprised, if this film is in Russian. All other films without this icon — in Russian
  1. Pi (Pi) 1998 year
  2. Scammer (Rogue trader) 1999
  3. The Pursuit of Happyness (Pursuit Of Happyness) 2006 year
  4. Wall Street (Wall Street) 1987 year
  5. Boiler room (Boiler Room) 2000 year
  6. Oil / There Will Be Blood (2007)
  7. Scam of the century / The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron (2003)
  8. Dealers / Dealers (1989)
  9. Good year / A Good Year(2006)
  10. Broker / Quicksilver (1986) ENG /
  11. Prison exchange / Buy & Cell (1989)
  12. Bear hunt / 2007 (Russia)
  13. Swap places / Trading Places / 1983 year /final episode /
  14. Hudsaker's henchman / The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) /episode/
  15. Bonfire of vanities / The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)
  16. Werewolves of wall street / Wolves of Wall Street (2002)
  17. Someone else's money / Other People’s Money (1991) /episode/
  18. Raise rates / Limit Up (1989) /episode featuring Ray Charles /
  19. Traders / Traders (1996) Soap opera. 5 Seasons (83 series) /episode 1 season / ENG /
  20. Capital pumping / Rollover 1981 year /episode/ ENG /
  21. Stocks and blondes / Stocks and Blondes 1982 year ENG / elements of eroticism
  22. INflog wall street / Wanda Whips Wall Street ENG /almost all episodes / cinema for +18(finance.)

Documentaries / TV show

  1. Wall Street Warriors. Season 1 (2006) /episode/
  2. Wall Street Warriors 2 (2008) ENG / RUSS /1-3 series online RUSS / /download 1-3 RUSS /
  3. Million Dollar Traders / 2008 year ENG /
  4. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) ENG /
  5. Women of Enron 2002 year (led by PLAYBOY) ENG /download/
  6. The Story of Paul Tudor Jones Trader: The Documentary 87 year ENG /download/
  7. Trillion Dollar Bet 2000 year ENG /episode/ /download/
  8. FLOORED 2009 year ENG /all episodes online /
  9. Open Outcry 2007 year ENG


  1. South Park /desired series online /
  2. Manipulation (YouTube)
  3. Wall Street : Money never sleeps / Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ofic. website
  4. Pete / The PIT 2010 ENG
  5. Wall Street Warriors 3 / Wall street warriors
  6. Deception / Scam (great korean movie. truth) trailer RUSS

Trading documentaries

The people who built America IMDb: 8.60 (1892)

serial lyudi postroivshye ameriku

This list opens with a series of films, about the richest people in America, who were the fathers of modern entrepreneurship. Rockefellers, Ford, Carnegie, Jobs, Buffett and Gate are world famous businessmen. What's their story?


IMDb: 8.30 (55 954)

film insajdery

Film about the recession of the world economy, about the crisis 2007-2010 years and its aftermath. Interviews with top officials of the financial world, politicians, journalists. A film about systemic corruption in the US financial sector.


(2003) IMDb: 8.10 (18 148)

film korporaciya

A film about how corporations appeared, how they work and how they affect our life. The filmmakers are wondering: if we consider corporations as a type of human personality, what a psychiatrist could say about such a "personality" and its behavior?

Enron: The smartest guys in this room

IMDb: 7.70 (10 689)

film samye smyshlennye parni v komnate

A film about the biggest known financial fraud in US history. Enron's top has tremendous power and little control, she aims to make easy money. Actually, before you their interesting story.

Wall Street Warriors

IMDb: 7.30 (241)

voiny wall street

Perhaps, trading classics. If someone else hasn't watched, then a documentary about such different everyday life of Wall Street traders.

Quantum: Wall Street Alchemists

film kvanty alhimiki s wall street

One of the most useful films from this collection, and all 45 min. How mathematical geniuses think, who invent financial models. You need to extract something from the film, what they think of financial models MATH, not seers or sorcerers, so stop guessing)!

In the stock pit

Film about, as it was before. How was trading in the stock pit, not behind the monitor. Listening to these interviews, understand, that change needs to open doors, rather than avoid them.

Capitalism: Love story

IMDb: 7.40 (35 460)


kapitalizm istoriya lybvi

The film is a poignant social satire. On the causes and consequences of the global economic crisis.


Money Hosts

kinopoisk: 8.323 241

film hozyaeva deneg

Information-rich film, about money concept, tax, debt. History of the development of money, banking history.


Climbing money

voshozhdenie deneg

Documentary, filmed by Neil Ferguson from his own book The Rise of Money: financial history of the world ". This is the favorite book of the CEO of the Coca-Cola Company Mukhtar Kent., and not in vain. The entire evolution of the financial system is described here.. .

  It's time to switch to the bullish side ;)

Modern money mechanics

sovremennaya mehanika deneg

How the modern financial system works. Who and how created it. Modern Money Mechanics or how Federal Reserve System issues the national currency of the United States.

Traders for a Million

trejdery na milion

SHOW about a group of eight novice traders, trading on the stock exchange during the global financial crisis 2007-2010 of the year. Show is show)

Trader (1987)

film trejder

The documentary tells the story of the eminent trader Paul Tudor Jones. His condition in 57 years was $3,2 billion.

Art films

The Pursuit of Happyness

IMDb: 8.00 (330 205)

That movie, which is a must-see, and more than once. In any life situation, you can learn a useful lesson from it. Chris Gardner - single father. He's struggling to raise his son happy.

Caught in the street, but not wanting to give up, father gets a job as an intern in a brokerage company, and wants to get a specialist position. But during the 6 month internship, he will not receive any money..

The wolf of Wall Street

IMDb: 8.20 (840 716)

Comedy, american comedy, about the famous Jordan Belfort with DiCaprio in the title role. In our reality, it can be compared with forex brokers.


IMDb: 8.10 (365 328)

Screen adaptation of the novel "Oil" by the classic of American literature Upton Sinclair. Late 1920s California, a lone entrepreneur looking for gold and silver, but becomes an oil producer.

Short play

Painting based on real stories, multiple sellers, who independently predicted the global economic crisis, but short was not so easy.

Glengarry Glen Ross (The americans)

IMDb: 7.80 (78 450)

Movie classics, for sellers. Film about real estate sellers, who have a black streak and nothing is for sale. Management will take action…

Social network

IMDb: 7.70 (501 584)

Film about Mark Zuckerberg's student years at Harvard, and about the founding of Facebook.

Swap places

IMDb: 7.50 (107 095)

Great comedy. Eddie Murphy on Wall Street, sounds fun.

Wall Street

IMDb: 7.40 (122 174)

Small broker wants to get rich and dreams of becoming a member of the team of a large stock shark. He wants to pass on secret information about the airline's activities to his future boss., where his father works. And only after that, how old is a heart attack, the hero begins to think about, what's on the way, leading to big business, you can lose not only loved ones, but also my own conscience.

Too cool to fail

IMDb: 7.40 (11 401)

Based on the bestselling book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, «Too big, to go bankrupt ”offers a new look at the global financial crisis 2008 of the year. About those people, who decided the fate of the global economy in a matter of weeks.


IMDb: 7.50 (146 676)

Debut film with Darren Aronofsky, in which the mathematical genius Max Cohen discovers the connection between numbers and reality, and, in this way, considers, that he can predict the future and courses all exchange shares.

  1. Areas of darkness IMDb: 7.40 (438 150)

A film about an unsuccessful writer, whose life is transformed when he takes a top secret drug, which allows him to use 100% your brain and become the perfect version of yourself. Its expanded capabilities will soon be attracted by circumstances., who threaten his new life.

  1. Barbarians at the gates IMDb: 7.30 (2294)

TV movie, based on the book by Brian Burrow and John Helar, on the redemption of a share of borrowed funds (LBO) из RJR Nabisco.

  1. Risk Limit / Margin Call IMDb: 7.10 (96 311)

Thriller from the world of big money talks about key figures in an investment company during one of the early days of the financial crisis, which was called in 2008 year, when inexperienced financial analyst Peter Sullivan discovers information, that could sink his firm. And causes a series of decisions, heavy — how financially, and morally which pushes the lives of all participants to the brink of disaster.

  1. Overheard IMDb: 7.10 (2211)

The story revolves around three members of the police team, which is investigating a financial investment group, involved in criminal fraud. They stumble upon an opportunity to make money from information., gathered during the investigation.

  1. Boiler room IMDb: 7.00 (42 578)

Seth Davis,during his school years, he organized an illegal casino in his own house for former classmates. One day he stumbles upon an unknown, fast growing company JT Marlin. Offers to trade stocks over the phone, Setu sounds like sweet music. This company does not need an economic education or work experience, just a willingness to work hard and not ask too much. And they promise to make a million in the first three years.

  1. Life without principles IMDb: 7.00 (1635)

The modern financial world is crumbling, stock market collapsed ... and everyone is trying: save your money, sell, buy or run away with other people's money. So, bank manager Teresa, in fear of losing your job, imposes high-risk trust fund shares on an elderly client. Police Inspector Chun Seeks A Retired Murderer And Investigates The Death Of A Pawnbroker, clogged in the underground garage. And the triad has its own worries - one of them, brother Bars, simple-minded inept, trying to help return money to his friend, financial broker ...

  1. Good year IMDb: 6.90 (70 617)

The story of a London investment expert. Which the field of death of his uncle returned to the vineyard, where he spent most of his childhood. He wants to leave the past behind and sell the vineyard as soon as possible.… Very nice and beautiful film.

  1. Overheard 2 IMDb: 6.80 (1030)

Manson, famous stockbroker in Hong Kong, injured in a car accident. Police led by Inspector Jack Ho, detects military surveillance device in car accident…

  1. Bank IMDb: 6.70 (2485)

The mathematician who invented the formula, with which you can predict stock market fluctuations - a difficult choice to be made: join the company of the greedy head of the bank Simon O'Reilly or remain independent from big capitals.

  1. Vicious passion IMDb: 6.60 (41 540)

When we first meet with financial tycoon Robert Miller in New York (Richard Gere), he is presented as the epitome of a successful American businessman with an ideal family life. But he leads a double life.

  1. Sell IMDb: 6.60 (6795)

Weir, British tech genius and Dylan, eloquent American, friends, who consider themselves modern Robin Hoods.

  1. Wall Street: Money does not sleep IMDb: 6.30 (86 504)
  Хуепута от Мартика...

Continuation of the classic first part. Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), former financial shark. In the past, his insurance fraud and money laundering resulted in jail. Now his prospects are not bright, through their fingers they look at him, not only his former colleagues, but also the daughter of Winnie.

  1. Financial monster IMDb: 6.50 (63 575)

Film about a popular television program, whose star, Lee Gates (George Clooney), known as «wall street guru», advises viewers, how and where to invest money. Listening to his financial guidance, Kyle lost all of his savings.. And wants to find out who is to blame.

  1. Scam of the century IMDb: 6.30 (732)

The rise and fall of Enron, one of the most important energy companies in the world, from the point of view of employee Brian Cruve.

  1. Scammer IMDb: 6.30 (8050)

Drama, based on true events. About a human, who worked in a branch of the Singapore prominent London bank Barings Bank. Ambitious Nick is a kind of financial genius who does not want to admit the flaws in electronic money transactions, and also very happy to take risks. It happens, that he succumbs to temptation and enters into a vicious circle, exchange transactions without their own resources, which can bring a lot of money.

  1. Bank error in your favor IMDb: 6.20 (582)

When Julien Foucault, butler of the venerable investment bank Berthin-shvarc, learns about his dismissal, he sees an opportunity to realize his dream: open a restaurant with your best friend. But then 17 years of faithful service, the bank does not give him any financial support. Julien decides to use confidential information…

  1. Someone else's money IMDb: 6.10 (6696)

Andrew, successful business owner, refuses to let greedy Larry Garfield acquire the company. Ambitious lawyer Keith Sullivan decided to find a compromise, of course, in favor of Andrew. Larry sees the only way to buy the company…

  1. Companion (1996) IMDb: 6.00 (6236)

Financial Analyst Laurel Iris is a Talented Stock Broker, but, Unfortunately, she can't get promoted, because she is a woman, which is unacceptable for her boss. So she makes her own brokerage firm, but success only comes then, when he comes up with a male partner Robert S. Katti.

  1. Prison exchange IMDb: 5.90 (486)

Herbie Altman, stock broker, scapegoated by superiors, got into a prison cell for financial machinations of his company with a ruthless sentence “13 years!». At first, knocked out of the usual life rut, he gradually got used to and began to develop within the walls of the prison ... an active exchange activity. The Wall Street Journal soon became the prisoners' favorite newspaper ...

  1. Bears Hunting IMDb: 5.90 (8)

Oleg Grinev, nicknamed the Bear, works on the stock exchange. The broker's unmistakable financial flair and years of experience allow him to conceive a great game. Starting her, he doesn't just want to make a lot of money. The main goal is to create conditions for the revival of the economy of the new Russia, but there is one more, personal - to avenge the death of his father. Oleg does not even suspect, how cool is the "big game" going to change his life ...

  1. Dealers IMDb: 5.70 (282)

Brokers are very different in temperament - a calculating rationalist and a romantic risk-taker are put in the same team by their superiors, to get their finance corporation out of a bad streak. The love that broke out between them only helps to succeed in the stock market game..

  1. Imagine myself IMDb: 5.60 (10 351)

Another movie with Eddie Murphy. What to do, if your success depends on your daughter's fantasy? Together with his daughter, an ambitious financier begins an exciting journey, during which they discover, that sometimes nothing else is needed, than just a little fantasy … and a lot of love. Imagine a cool movie, in which «there is something for everyone» .

  1. Broker IMDb: 5.50 (3580)

Jack Casey is a young stockbroker, who changes careers after a big loss.

  1. Capital pumping IMDb: 5.40 (867)

Lee Winters, former movie star, after the mysterious death of her husband, he becomes the head of a petrochemical company. Not versed in business and financial transactions, she resorts to the help of an expert on transactions on the exchange, a certain Hubbel Smith. Experiencing personal feelings for Winters, he warns her company against collapse amid stock market rush, emerged after the sudden siphoning of capital of "oil emirs" from Saudi Arabia.

  1. Bankruptcy IMDb: 4.70 (318)

Erwana works for a reputable New York bank. One day, reading an article on climatology, he notes the relationship between changes in stock prices in global markets and physical changes in weather conditions. Convinced of his revolutionary discovery, as a result of dramatic events he is fired. Founding a foundation together with a partner, which is a huge success. Many influential institutions are beginning to take an interest in its opening..

  1. Werewolves of wall street IMDb: 2.50 (533)

Welcome to The Wolf Brotherhood, the prestigious Wall Street brokerage. Only success is valued here, and success at any cost. Young traders make big money in this firm, literally "biting into the throats" of their clients and "sucking them out to the last drop of blood".

  1. In the millstones of quotations / Who the margin call calls for

Ivan — a real magician of numbers, able to ride the waves of the stock market’ like a born trader. Thanks to this gift, he easily brings

huge profits of an investment company, in which he works. But not everything is so rosy. Sleepless nights make themselves felt. AND, as you climb

up the ladder of success, he is increasingly moving away from the world around him and himself.

It seems, it's time to leave. Before it's too late…

  1. Insider | The Insider

Jeffrey Wygand is fired from his post as vice president of the largest tobacco company for, that he protests against the use of a component in tobacco products, addictive to smokers. Lowell Bergman, producer of a popular TV show, finds out about this and convinces Wygand to come up with a revealing interview on television ... Naturally, the pillars of the tobacco industry really don't like it, assuring the safety of manufactured products. Oligarchs take the harshest measures, so that information does not become public. Wife leaves Wygand, Lowell Bergman is sent on vacation. There, where big money is involved, it's useless to fight for justice, but Lowell and Wygand do not stop fighting.

"Money for nothing: FRS from the inside "

(Money for nothing: inside the federal reserve), released on screens in 2011 year. The authors of the masterpiece, telling about the causes of the crisis 2008 year and its similarity with the Great Depression, made by representatives of educational platforms Economics 101 и Investing 101. You will be told about things, which the Fed prefers not to think about.

  When game theory trumps common sense

"The Hunter of Wall Street" (Drama) 2017 r.

Gerard Butler has long established himself as a talented actor. Dozens of well-played roles, dissimilar images, diverse genres - during his career, he faced many. Now he has to play the role of Dane Jensen. He works for a large company and is trying to go for a promotion.. So far he has not succeeded. But soon fate gives a chance - the boss resigns. And a hero can take his place. Only for him will you need to fight. His main competitor is Lynn Vogel, having a lot of ambitions and desires. A man starts to work like this, like never before. He wants, so that he gets the place of the boss. And for this he will try to make a lot of effort..

Documentary films about bitcoin and cryptocurrency:

Banking On Bitcoin (Bitcoin rate)

This movie is very similar to The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin). He introduces viewers to the first enthusiasts of a new technology and its ups and downs.. Throughout the film, the authors try to answer the question: is a balance between regulation and innovation possible? The film discusses various issues, related to bitcoin and the story of the contribution of technology pioneers to the formation of the blockchain. Recommended topics, who is interested in the problem of regulation and innovation in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It (“Bitcoin: The end of the money we are used to ")

As blockchains remain largely a mystery to a wider audience, the purpose of most documentaries is to narrate this amazing technology. In this sense, this film is no different from others.. It tells, how bitcoin differs from other currencies and why it has captured the minds of many people. Its decentralized and trustless device revolutionized the financial sector. Bitcoin has challenged traditional banking and financial systems. The name of the film is associated with this process.. Ре­жис­сер ста­ра­ет­ся по­ка­зать, how strongly the new cryptocurrency has influenced and will affect the traditional and so familiar to us financial systems.

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin (The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin)

There are people in the world, closely related to bitcoin, actively buying and using it. They will all tell you, that the development of cryptocurrency can be compared to a roller coaster ride. The monumental successes were followed by devastating failures. The journey was completely unpredictable, with unexpected plot twists. The director tried to show all this to the general public., hence the name. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a movie, telling about the history of bitcoin. It covers all related events, ever hit the headlines.

Bitcoin Gospel (Bitcoin gospel)

Have you been interested in the Bitcoin device? How it can be used for payments? This Dutch film should provide a comprehensive answer to these questions.. It starts with a talk by bitcoin angel Roger Vera. He explains, how does cryptocurrency work. In fact, the film is dedicated to the life of Vera. It tells about, how he promotes bitcoin, and also about mining bitcoins in China. Moreover, the authors included in the picture information about other famous bitcoin enthusiasts, such as Andreas Antonopoulos. So this movie is for those, who would like to know better about the life of bitcoin evangelists.

The Bitcoin Story (Bitcoin Story)

The plot of this film is developing rapidly. It contains all the secrets, associated with the emergence of bitcoin, and also talks about the basics of technology, the political background and ability of bitcoin to transform the financial sector. Moreover, filmmakers included the views of venture capitalists on cryptocurrencies in the film.

History Of Bitcoin (Bitcoin History)

The film tells about the history of the creation of a unique technology, options for its application are presented, and also tracks the evolution of bitcoin from the moment of its creation to the present day.

Magic Money ("Magic Money")

This film was created, to answer some of the popular Bitcoin questions. It tells about, what is cryptocurrency and what is its impact on society, describes the formation of the first truly global digital means of payment. Bitcoin is not controlled by modern financial institutions, but people, who use it. The picture describes the origin of the cryptocurrency and its structure.; рас­смат­ри­ва­ет­ся во­прос, is it really a step forward for society. The authors investigate in detail the mysterious origins of bitcoin and try to imagine its future..

The Bitcoin Experiment ("Experiment" Bitcoin "»)

This movie came out in 2016 year and represents a social experiment on the legitimacy of digital currency. The authors went to Scandinavia, to find out, is it ready for bitcoin. The film became their kind of diary. По­смот­рев­шие The Bitcoin Experiment от­ме­ча­ют, what a great introduction to bitcoin. It shows, how digital currency will provide an ordinary person with freedom from existing financial structures and talk about the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

Life On Bitcoin ("Life with Bitcoin")

Bitcoin has been criticized since its inception. Неко­то­рые утвер­жда­ют, that it is impossible to live, buying everything you need solely for cryptocurrency and completely replace credit cards and cash with it. To prove otherwise, one married couple decided on an unusual experiment. During 100 days they should have lived, рас­пла­чи­ва­ясь толь­ко крип­то­ва­лю­той. The film describes their exciting adventure. The main intrigue is, that they started the experiment immediately after the wedding. Кар­ти­на на­гляд­но по­ка­за­ла, how rarely cryptocurrency is found outside of large cities and how hard it was to convince sellers to accept bitcoins as payment.

Bitcoin Heist ("Theft of bitcoins")


The plot of this action movie is tied to bitcoin and hackers, which are called the scourge of the modern cryptocurrency world. Interpol agent tries to catch the legendary cybercriminal named Ghost, gathering a team of cryptors. Soon the agent discovers, that they are not familiar with such a concept, as an honor.

Bitcoin Rebellion — The Beginning ("Bitcoin Uprising: Begining")

In this picture, Bitcoin is called the sixth greatest innovation in the history of money.. Nobody controls it and nobody owns it. The film was filmed as part of the Singularity University Partnership and Innovation Program (Singularity University).


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