The US economy is slowing down, business expectations are falling, and indicators hint at a rebound in stocks

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Aton will close 15 their exchange-traded mutual funds for foreign assets

The management company "Aton-management" reported, что планирует закрыть 15 своих биржевых фондов, имущество которых состоит из акций зарубежных ETF. Компания объяснила это защитой интересов пайщиков в условиях возрастающих инфраструктурных рисков.

Hong Kong Exchange: what you should pay attention to

In the light of recent events, the management of SPb-Exchange has intensified its work to ensure access of its clients to the securities of issuers from the Hong Kong Exchange. We decided to make for our readers a small reference about the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation.

FinEx's FXRB fund will close on 2022 year

1 June, FinEx announced, that there are no underlying assets left in its FXRB exchange-traded fund. The fund will cease to exist in the near future, at the same time, investors should not expect any payments. I'll tell, what happened to the fund and what is the situation of other FinEx ETFs.

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