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Alexander Elder (Alexander Elder)

Alexander Elder – professional stockbroker and technical analysis expert. He was born in Leningrad, and grew up in Estonia, where he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu. Then he emigrated to the USA. After an internship in clinics in New York, he entered the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Потом открыл частную клинику. Параллельно Александр Элдер начал работать на рынке акций и организовал компанию «Financial Trading», которая стала одной из ведущих в США фирм по подготовке биржевиков. Своими находками и советами Александр Элдер делится в книге «Как играть и выигрывать на бирже».

Stock ticker

Ticker (English. ticker symbol) - short name of quoted instruments (Shares, bonds, indices) in stock information. Is a unique identifier within one exchange or information system. Used for that, so as not to constantly print in the bulletins the full name of securities or other objects of trade. A short name is usually one to six characters long and is assigned to a security when it is listed. Capital letters of the Latin alphabet are traditionally used.. These are usually abbreviations or short names. (International Business Machines — IBM), abbreviations or truncations of names (Microsoft — MSFT, RAO UES of Russia - EESR). Numeric and alphanumeric tickers are commonly used on Asian exchanges, adapted for international trade. For example, Toshiba ticker on the Tokyo Stock Exchange - 6502.

Wall Street's most influential people

Internet publishing published its ranking of the most influential people in the United States in various fields of activity (Government, Finance, Medicine, Industry, The property). Нас, of course, interested in the section Finance, which we'll talk about. Below is a list of the most influential people on and around Wall Street.. Of people, determining the life of exchanges and investors' income. We should at least in general outline, что они из себя представляют, what issues they are concerned about and what they propose to change. Ллойд Бланкфейн (Lloyd Blankfein), CEO, Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs – one of those finance companies, that survived the Wall Street crisis and became stronger because of it. 55-year old former tax lawyer Blankfein was the first of all investment company heads to return the money taken from the government during the crisis ($10 billion). This allowed Goldman Sachs to get rid of excess state control., including for salaries and bonuses of employees. At all, Blankfein's main task now was not to make a profit (the company does it very well), а отбивание атак государства

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