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What is the crypto community

A significant increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies leaves few people indifferent. Someone persistently adheres to the position of denial, considering the digital currency a "soap bubble", and someone believed in a digital asset sincerely and irrevocably. But one way or another., people tend to make money on it.

Chinese stocks are preparing for growth?

TAL Education предупредила, that compliance with China's stricter rules on the K-12 extracurricular learning business will hurt financial performance Recently released official measures by the Beijing municipality make post-school service providers "subject to review and re-registration, aimed at reducing their number in several stages",-TAL Education said in a press release today. When to buy shares? Other suppliers will be registered as non-profit organizations in accordance with Beijing's instructions, adopted last month. Other municipalities may follow suit., stated in the company, добавив, that they will comply with these measures. "The Company's compliance with these measures will have a significant negative impact on its existing after-school training business. (AST), results of activity and financial condition",-warned TAL in a press release. Chinese stocks look attractive in the long termChinese stocks look attractive in the long term "In particular, in accordance with the Beijing measures, the Company stopped offering academic classes on AST on weekends, national holidays and during the current school holidays in Beijing. Historically, this is how it has been., that income from …

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Shares for passive income

As stocks fall at the end of August, some stocks should give investors a stable profit and profit, if the overall market decline worsens. When the stock will rise in price? CNBC Pro identifies stock S&P 500 with low volatility, which must withstand a sale in the market.

What stocks to buy in August

August – the height of the reporting season for the second quarter. This year is particularly stressful., as companies compete with the second quarter 2020 of the year, when some of them got a huge plus because of the pandemic, and others have faced serious pandemic challenges.

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