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Why do we need cryptocurrencies?

Зачем нужны криптовалюты?

Nowadays, almost all monetary settlements (especially if we are talking about any significant amounts) switched to non-cash format. But if “ordinary” money is now also “groups of numbers on the Internet”, then why do we need cryptocurrencies at all?

The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is the absence of a "master of money" - a single decision-making center. Situation, when the government decides, that he does not have enough money, and the central bank "turns on the printing press", increasing the money supply and devaluing your savings, in cryptocurrencies is simply impossible. "Extra" coins cannot appear out of nowhere and cannot inexplicably disappear. Likewise, it is impossible to cancel or freeze a transaction at the request of the bank., authorities or third parties. Simply put, cryptocurrencies remove the administrative factor from finance, allowing money to exist according to market laws. And from this key advantage many additional:

  • No boundaries. Since there is no "main center" in cryptocurrencies, they also have no geographic restrictions - there is no difference, do you transfer coins, eg, an online store in Russia or Brazil.
  • Cheap transfers. Even in the Bitcoin network, the fees for transferring a significant amount are lower, than with international bank transfer. In technically superior blockchains, such as Waves, transaction fee tends to zero in principle.
  • Honesty. Data in the blockchain cannot be edited "retroactively", even if you are the creator of this blockchain. So all transactions are stored on the blockchain forever and, if the blockchain is public, available to absolutely everyone.
  • Investment security. The above-mentioned “programmed honesty” significantly reduces the risks of investors - the recipient of the investment cannot “forget” about them.
  • Investment benefits. Market participants are well aware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, so the demand for them is constantly growing. And since there is no "printing press" and "extra" coins will never appear, growth in demand leads to an increase in the price of cryptocurrencies. Yes, temporary drawdowns are possible, however, in the long term, digital assets are steadily becoming more expensive.

What's important, with all these advantages, cryptocurrencies do not lose anything from the functionality of fiat money - they can also be used to pay for goods and services, use to transfer value or create savings. Simply put, cryptocurrencies are an improved version of non-cash money.

However, it should be noted, that most crypto projects use only part of the benefits, provided by cryptocurrencies. for example, сеть Ripple и cryptocurrency XRP были созданы как специализированный инструмент для быстрых и дешевых переводов между банками.

Projects, which use the whole or almost the whole range of advantages of cryptocurrencies, give their users much more opportunities. One of these projects is - coin holders get access to the investment platform at the same time, cheap transfers (commissions in the Waves blockchain, on which the initial version of the platform is deployed, as well as in the created own blockchain YUSRA, almost invisible to the user) and an extensive ecosystem, which includes a variety of services: from the marketplace to the blockchain lottery.

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