Chego stoit opasatsja na kriptorynke 4bfeaba чего стоит опасаться на крипторынке?

What to fear in the crypto market?

Чего стоит опасаться на крипторынке?

The cryptocurrency market offers many unique opportunities for earning. More, than any other market. However, it is impossible to say, that the world of cryptocurrencies is a paradise with milk rivers and jelly banks. It is fraught with many dangers and traps for beginners., and for already experienced investors. AND, perhaps, the main enemy of a crypto investor is emotions.

Any decision should be made soberly, based on cold calculation. And this applies as rash investments in dubious assets., and coin sales in a panic attack.

With the first point, everything is simple - sensibly evaluate each asset, no matter, what even those people tell you, whom you trust. Coin attachments, which has a real application and behind which there is a popular project (a good example of such a coin would be the YUSRA token), have a high chance of justification. Investment in coin, for which only hype and a powerful marketing campaign, almost doomed to failure. It would seem that, it's obvious. But even cryptocurrency with the telling title "Useless" Ethereum Token" managed to interest investors. With predictable results.

However, do not panic in case of falling rate. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and fluctuations in the value of even the largest coins by ten percent per day - the norm. In a few days, the trend may well reverse. And if you are planning a long-term investment, then selling on a panic is generally stupid - look at the Bitcoin rate. It's higher now., than before the start of "crypto winter 2018". And no one is surprised..

This also includes the love of many crypto-entusiasts to boast of their income in the public space - from social networks to get-togethers with friends of friends and acquaintances.. It's not the most, let's face it, reasonable behavior. Despite all security measures, once again make yourself a goal is not worth it. Finally, no encryption will help you, if you will be robbed quite physically.

In other words, in the crypto market, you can never lose your head and act "at the behest of the heart" - exercise reasonable caution and calculate your every step. Yes, calculation may not be justified, but the chances of success will still be higher, than when investing on emotions.

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