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Overview of Trading Instruments of the CoinEx Exchange

Обзор торговых инструментов биржи coinex

Hong Kong exchange CoinEx at the end of January officially entered the Russian market. Certainly, area, part of the BitMain Technologies mining holding, was available before, but now the CoinEx team has taken seriously the audience from our country: a Russian-language interface appeared on the site, the support service began to accept requests in Russian, and the exchange itself began listing the tokens of Russian crypto projects. So it's worth taking a closer look, what did domestic crypto traders get.

From an interface point of view, security and the process of placing orders CoinEx meets all modern standards for crypto exchanges. Traders can use two-factor authentication, place pending and limit orders and use a variety of tools for technical analysis. The exchange provides everything you need for successful trading in modern conditions, including API. Trading fees are also quite low - 0,1% for takers and 0% for makers. However, this today does not surprise anyone., much more interesting - a set of trading instruments, presented at the site.

Despite, that CoinEx does not work with fiat - it is a purely cryptocurrency exchange - the variety of currency pairs will satisfy even the most demanding trader, loving to trade all kinds of exotic. In total, more than 400 steam, among which are all noteworthy cryptocurrencies. Well, the top 10 is fully occupied by USDT in pairs with the largest cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, BCH and so on.

Margin trading plays an important role in CoinEx's toolbox. At the same time, different accounts are used for margin and spot trading.. I.e trader может нести риски, related to margin trading, without putting your deposit in unnecessary danger, used for spot trading.

Another important trading instrument is perpetual contracts., similar in principle to classic futures, but not having a fixed expiration date. This is a very risky tool., the use of which increases the chances of draining the deposit, but also increases the potential profit. However, CoinEx uses a mechanism to reduce unnecessary risks - the BTC price for futures contracts is determined by the index, which takes into account prices not only on the site itself, но и на Binance и HuobiGlobal. This protects users from forced liquidation of positions during sharp market movements..

Обзор торговых инструментов биржи coinex

You should also pay special attention to the exchange's own token - CET. In addition to the standard for exchange tokens the ability to pay commissions at a discount (in the case of CoinEx - 50%), CET allows holders to vote on key platform governance issues, and most importantly, it allows you to earn money on PoS mining. 80% trading commissions are distributed among CET holders in accordance with the number of tokens in their accounts.

Well, the final feature of CoinEx is the increased attention of the exchange to the DeFi market.. The tokens of most notable projects in the segment of decentralized finance are traded here., so the platform is interesting not only for traders, but also to investors. Finally, few sites provide access to so many DeFi tokens, issued on a variety of blockchains, In one place.

And in connection with entering the Russian market, the exchange team paid close attention to the domestic segment of the decentralized ecosystems market. The first Russian token, which was selected for listing on the exchange, became a token - the currency of the ecosystem of the same name, which includes an investment platform, a platform for trading in derivatives, marketplace, lottery and a range of services, preparing to launch.

Such attention to the token speaks of recognition of the ecosystem's prospects by the management of one of the largest crypto holdings in the world.. In turn, for the project itself, listing on the exchange has become an important stage in the development of the ecosystem - now it has become available to a much wider audience, than before. However, the launch of CoinEx on the Russian market will be one of the key growth factors for the entire Russian segment of decentralized finance, so there will be even more interesting news soon.

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