Kak birzhevye listingi vlijajut na rost kursa kriptovaljuty 4a9147e как биржевые листинги влияют на рост курса криптовалюты?

How stock listings affect the growth of the cryptocurrency rate?

Как биржевые листинги влияют на рост курса криптовалюты?

There is no definitive answer to this question.: the influence of listing on the exchange on the price of cryptocurrency depends on a huge number of factors - on the general situation on the market, how exactly the marketing campaign was conducted before and during the listing on the stock exchange. Therefore, let's try to understand at least the basic laws..

The site matters

A noticeable impact on the rate of cryptocurrency has only placement on large sites with a large number of active users and a significant trading volume. Roughly speaking, seriously pay attention only to the placement of cryptocurrency on one of the exchanges, included in the Top 40 of the CoinMarketCap rating.

If on the stock exchange for the day transactions are made for only a few tens of thousands of dollars (and on some sites we are talking about hundreds of dollars), then the market simply will not notice, that some kind of coin appeared on it.

Exchange rate fluctuations before listing

A lot of crypto projects make the upcoming listing on the stock exchange the cornerstone of their marketing campaign., counting on a sharp acceleration of the inflow of investors, seeking to "jump into the last car". AND, if we are talking about placement on a really large exchange, the rise in the price of cryptocurrency can be quite impressive.

In the media even appeared a kind of term - "Coinbase effect" – when a coin announced an imminent listing on this exchange, its rate rose sharply. However, it did not end with anything good for her - immediately after placing it on the stock exchange, the rate fell just as rapidly..

First days after listing

Perhaps, the first days or even hours after listing on a major exchange are the most difficult for any crypto asset. Situation, when the rate collapsed immediately after listing, is the norm for the crypto market. You have to pay for early successes.

The thing is, that the holders of the asset begin to sell it off rapidly. If the listing took place immediately after the ICO, then investors, who are only interested in a one-time profit, immediately after listing, they will run to sell their tokens. They, who bought tokens, being a "warmed-up" marketing campaign before listing, will also sell their coins en masse, trying to "have time to hit the jackpot". And not only traders can participate in this - exchanges are regularly accused of insider trading of new assets in the listing. Usually nothing can be proved, but "sediment remains".

Medium term

After the rise "on the expectations of listing" and the subsequent fall, the currency usually stabilizes on the indicators, approximately the values before the listing, and after that begins to trade like any other asset and gradually grows.

It should be noted, what if the owners of the project (and the exchange itself) did not follow short-term profits, and sought to ensure the development and growth of the project, then the previous stages of explosive growth and fall can be skipped.. If the fact of listing does not turn into a value in itself and occurs without excessive prior escalation., then there are no shock price movements.

Long-term prospects

Perhaps, this is the only part of the listing-related changes, which is quite predictable. Listing on a large exchange provides the project with access to significant amounts of capital and ensures its popularization. That is, in the long term, it guarantees the growth of the project and the increase in the value of the asset associated with it.. Of course, in that case, if the development team does not make gross mistakes in the development of their project.

And that, whether the development team relies on short-term profit or on long-term development, perfectly evident from her approach to the landing page.. Examples of companies, trying to "squeeze everything out of the listing", mass, so let's consider a project from another camp.

Platform token was added to the CoinEx exchange 1 february. Actually, and playground, and the project itself consciously refused to create a preliminary wave of hype: promotion on CoinEx began after that, how the token appeared on the exchange. That is, both teams (and exchange team, and YUSRA developers) deliberately abandoned speculative benefits for the sake of, to ensure stable development and growth in the long term.

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