Объемы торгов dex за ноябрь приблизились к $100 миллиардам Объемы торгов DEX за ноябрь приблизились к $100 миллиардам 3

DEX trading volumes for November approached $100 Billion

Data on decentralized exchanges (DEX) per month show, that the trading volumes of the ecosystem in November were almost $100 billion

Объемы торгов DEX за ноябрь приблизились к $100 миллиардам

According to The Block, as of 28 November trading volumes were almost $99,5 billion. Monthly trading volumes have grown significantly since reaching the annual minimum $56,35 billion (observed in July). November figures have already exceeded October, which equaled $89,15 Billion.

As expected, popular exchange protocols Uniswap v3 and v2 accounted for the bulk of the monthly trading volume — $47,37 billion and $24,07 billion respectively.

According to CoinGecko, on Uniswap v3 the most active trading pair usdC/ETH, which accounted for about $654,4 million daily trading volume. Remarkably, that the total daily trading volumes on the same site amounted to $1,49 billion.

The highest trading volumes on the DEX were observed in May — then decentralized sites reported a total volume of $162,83 billion.

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