Инвестиции. События недели (№ 15) Инвестиции. События недели (№ 15) 3

Investments. Events of the week (№ 15)

Good day! Or not good? This week, a strong drop in the Russian market continued.! The whole world began to fall.. What are the reasons?, and what I plan to do?

Инвестиции. События недели (№ 15)

Remember, that last week on Friday the Russian market collapsed on a news duck from Bloomberg, allegedly Russia is preparing an armed invasion of Ukraine. This week, news and sanctions pressure on our market continued, however, it showed signs of recovery by midweek., having won back a significant part of the fall.

How a bolt from the clear sky was the collapse of world exchanges on Friday. The reason is a new strain of the virus in South Africa, which spreads very quickly ☣ Now I ask myself: why then during the strain Delta did not fall so much? I don't get it. I conclude that markets may be artificially moving without any fundamental reasons for the fall.. Be that as it may, the IndexmosExchange loses in November already 8,17%, and American S&P500 – returned to the level of early November.

Only this week is not limited to the fall. There were defaults on bonds. A shock to the market was the restructuring of Rusnano's debts with the Fitch BBV rating, like the Russian Federation. Investors equated this almost to default and the bonds collapsed on 30%. If the state does not respond to the company's debts, then this will hit the image of Russia and then companies will have to attract financing at a higher percentage., because. ratings will fall.

Also, a technical default occurred in UHC bonds. The company openly said, that there is no money. For interest, I looked at the latest reports of the company and understood, that the default there was obvious – so terrible. I can't imagine an investor, who invests in this.

Other news of the week: Jerome Powell (chapter FED USA) remains for a second term, which is not good news for me, because. Fed Policy Led to Inflation, and they're not trying to do anything about it.. And according to statistics in the Russian Federation, inflation slowed down by half a percent to 8%. With the current market decline, we will soon see deflation altogether., but seriously, then I would like to expect an improvement in the inflation situation.

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What we have at the end of the week? The index of Mosberg fell by 5,12%. My portfolio has dropped by 3,7%. For November, the fall in the index is 8,17%, what says about buying shares 30 November in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. If the fall continues and is more than 10%, then I will buy on 30 thousand. So far, I have not taken any action., except for the purchase of Alibaba shares by 10 000 RUBLES OUT OF STRATEGY ON SPECULATIVE PORTFOLIO.

Does it make sense to talk about, that almost all stocks in the portfolio IIS fell this week. The largest drop was shown by Aeroflot (-8,3%) for fear of closing borders with countries, new lockdowns and a potential decline in the company's revenue.

Oil companies are falling hard. Tatneft reached its lowest level since November last year. Oil only collapsed on Friday 11,32%! I find it strange to have such an exacerbated reaction to the new virus.. A plus, The media actively escalated. Let me remind you, that last week the U.S. actively advocated lower oil prices and undocked its reserves. A number of countries have done the same, but that didn't lower the price. Quite possible, that there is an information attack going on right now., to cool the markets.

Surprisingly, against all this background, Raspadskaya's shares rose at the end of the week. (+3,1%). Although coal is falling, plus there was a major accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine with dozens of victims. The mine does not belong to Raspadskaya, but the background is negative, a plus, went checks. I can't explain the growth of shares on this.

Generally, as long as everything that happens looks like an information dump in someone's interests. Because previously there was no such reaction to new strains of the virus.. It is quite possible the growth of the rocket on Monday from the opening, if things turn out not to be so bad. Let's see.

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