Назван конкурент ethereum Назван конкурент Ethereum, который к концу 2021 года обновит исторический максимум 3

Ethereum competitor named, which by the end 2021 of the year will update the historical maximum

Cryptocurrency analyst Guy thinks, that one of the competitors Ethereum by the end of the year will update its historical maximum

Назван конкурент Ethereum, который к концу 2021 года обновит исторический максимум

In his opinion, Harmony Layer 2 protocol (ONE) may surprise many, as it resembles Ethereum 2.0 and has significant network speed. The Harmony blockchain itself is focused on enabling a decentralized economy by facilitating the creation of marketplaces for fungible and non-fungible digital assets.:

“Harmony resembles Ethereum 2.0. The project uses the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) for smart contracts and PoS blockchain of 4 shards. Each shard is capable of handling up to 500 transactions per second, that is, now Harmony can handle about 2000 transactions per second ".

Beyond staking, ONE is used to manage and pay transaction fees, and the coins used for this are burned. However, ONE is not a deflationary asset., as it is produced annually 441 million coins.

The analyst thinks, that thanks to good fundamentals and tokenomics, ONE could easily hit a new all-time high in the coming months:

“ONE has a good chance of renewing its all-time high. Long term technical analysis shows, that by the end of this year the asset can reach $ 0.5 ".

but, Harmony faces tough competition from other platforms, for example Ethereum, Solana or Avalanche. The project could be supported by a likely listing on the Coinbase platform. Guy believes, that the project needs to more actively attract developers to its platform and then it will become one of the key players in its category:

“If Harmony can successfully recruit the developers it needs to achieve its goals, ONE may become one of the most sought-after assets among smart contract platforms ".

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