Blocked Assets Volumes on Tier 2 Ethereum Platforms Set New Record

Blocked assets volumes (TVL) on Ethereum-platforms of the second level (L2) are growing rapidly and have set a new historical maximum

Объемы заблокированных активов на Ethereum-платформах второго уровня установили новый рекорд

Blocked Assets Volumes on Tier 2 Ethereum Platforms Set New Record

According to the analytical company L2BEAT, TVL-like platforms hit record highs in $6,16 billion. L2 platforms — these are scalable solutions, которые работают поверх сети Ethereum в целях увеличения транзакционной пропускной способности.

During the week, TVL Ethereum-platforms of the second tier grew by more than 10%. Boba Network became the main driver of growth (BOBA), which is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum and has demonstrated staggering TVL growth in 1134% — from $75 million as of 13 November to the current $926 million. Scaling solution Optimistic Rollup launched the mainnet at the end of September and now occupies 15% market share of L2 solutions.

Only two projects in this sector have a large market share: decentralized exchange dYdX (DYDX) with TVL level $995 million (more 16% market) and Arbitrum scaling solution with TVL about $2,59 billion (more 42% market).

TVL L2 solutions are skyrocketing since bottoming out in late September. In less than two months, the market has grown by 144% — from $2,5 billions as of 30 September to the current level above $6 billion.

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