ipo doximity ekonomicheskaja model e2cde55 IPO Doximity (экономическая модель) 2

IPO Doximity (economic model)

Ticker: DOCS

Professional network for doctors with telemedicine and planning tools.


2019: 85,7m | 2020: 116,4m | 35,8%

2020: 116,4m | 2021: 206,9m | 77,8%


While losses

Express withdrawal

Accelerating revenue growth.


0.7 debt / equity, at a rate of less than 2

excellent indicator

Financial calculation

Score for 2 of the year.

Shares in circulation.: 178,21m


2019: 85,7

2021: 206.9

Annual growth: 55,4%


2019: 7,8

2021: 50.2

Costs based on calculations

2019: 77,9

2021: 156,7

Annual growth: 41,9%

Excellent Unit Economics, revenue grows faster than expenses.

Further, taking into account the growth rate, we calculate 10 years of average annual growth and 10 years of terminal stage by 4%. Profit is reduced according to the rules for calculating discounted cash flows every year by 14,54 %, as it will be easier to invest in the index, rather than taking risks with this startup.

Fair price per share $159.
IPO range: $20 -23.

I am participating.

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