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IPO Confluent (economic model)

Ticker: LFLT

Enterprise platform, which collects and processes data streams in real time.


2019: 149,8m | 2020: 236,6m | 57.9%

20Q1: 50,9m | 21Q1: 77,0m | 51.3%


While losses

Express withdrawal

Good revenue growth, but slows down.


1.1 debt / equity, at a rate of less than 2

moderate rate

Financial calculation

Score for 1 year + neighborhood, ie. 1, 25 years.

Shares in circulation.: 252,37m


2019: 149,8

21Q1: 262.7

Annual growth: 56,7%


2019: -95,0

21Q1: -240.7

Costs based on calculations

2019: 244,8

21Q1: 503,4

Annual growth: 78,0%

Bad Unit Economics, the company is probably taking over the market.

Further, taking into account the growth rate, we calculate 10 years of average annual growth and 10 years of terminal stage by 4%. Profit is reduced according to the rules for calculating discounted cash flows every year by 14,54 %, as it will be easier to invest in the index, rather than taking risks with this startup.

Fair price per share $0.
IPO range: $29 – 33.

I miss.

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