Appl newscloud apple выключила жителям россии функцию скрытия ip-адреса

Apple has turned off the function of hiding the IP address for residents of Russia

Appl newscloud e1631933431829 apple выключила жителям россии функцию скрытия ip-адреса

Apple Disabled Private Site Feature, which encrypts traffic and allows you to bypass IP blocking.
"Private node" allows you to encrypt traffic, passing user requests through two separate internet sites. “This is done to, so that no one, including Apple, could not use your IP address, geolocation and browsing history to create your detailed profile "

Icloud Private Node

Apple technician function that all Apple technicians get at once, have an additional iCloud storage subscription. It allows you to hide the real IP address when used on various resources and then, what resources do you visit.

Частный узел icloud

For the first time "Private node" was announced at the WWDC-2021 conference in June. Available when you subscribe to iCloud Extra Space. The media call it analogous to VPN, but the company itself avoids such a name, referring to the peculiarities of work.

How it differs from traditional VPN services

"Private node" redirects traffic to two servers at once: the first one assigns the user an anonymous IP address, the second passes the request to the required site. In this way, ни Apple, neither the telecom operator will be able to match the request and the user's IP and find out, who visits which sites.

Because the, like VPN, the function uses traffic encryption, it allows you to bypass blocking and visit prohibited sites. But the company positions it primarily as protection against ad tracking..

Almost immediately after the announcement of the "Private node" it became known, that he will not work in Belarus, Egypt, Kazakhstan, China, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, in the Philippines and South Africa. The reason was the restrictions of local regulators.

The function in Russia can still be connected, but after a few minutes it stops working. A notification appears on the screen: “Private site not available in your region (Russia) due to local legal restrictions ".

How Apple's Icloud Private Node Works

Apple's Private Relay feature sends web traffic to the server first, serviced by Apple, where part of the information is removed from it, called IP address. From there Apple sends traffic to the second server, operated by a third party, which assigns the user a temporary IP address and sends traffic to the target website.

According to Apple, the use of the outside in the second hop of the relay system is deliberate, so that even Apple does not know the identity of the user, so and so, which website is he visiting.

Apple said, which also will not offer "private repeaters" in Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda and the Philippines.

Apple has yet to disclose, what external partners will it use in the system, but stated, what plans to name their names in the future. Probably, this feature will not be publicly available until the end of this year.

IP addresses can be used to track users in a variety of ways, including as a key ingredient in "fingerprinting", practices, in which advertisers combine disparate data into a chain to establish the identity of the user. И Apple, and Google Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O) forbid it.

Combined with Apple's previous steps, a "private relay" function "will make IP addresses useless as a fingerprint mechanism", – told Reuters Charles Farina, Head of Innovation at digital marketing company Adswerve.

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