Apple reduces the production of new iPhones due to a shortage of chips

Apple reduces the production of new iPhones due to a shortage of chips

According to Bloomberg, in 2021 year Apple will cut production of new iPhones 13 on 11%, with 90 to 80 million devices. And all because of the lack of chips: Broadcom and Texas Instruments suppliers do not have time to supply the necessary components.

Apple is one of the largest customers of chips and can often work with suppliers on more favorable terms. Even despite this, the company is facing a shortage. Demand for electronics has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic, and supply chain disruptions due to quarantine restrictions.

Major manufacturers predict chip shortages throughout 2022 of the year. For now, the situation is only getting worse.. According to Susquehanna Financial Group, the time between ordering and delivery of chips has almost doubled over the past year, with 12 to 22 weeks.

One of the major congestion happened at the factories of the Taiwanese TSMC. The company serves several tech giants at once: Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia and AMD. Wi-Fi Developer- and Bluetooth modems for iPhone Broadcom are also on this list, because the company does not have its own factories.

As Nikkei writes, among other things, Apple lacks camera modules for new iPhones. Such modules are assembled in Vietnam. In the spring, the number of COVID-19 cases increased in the country, and some factories are partially out of operation.

Apple started selling new smartphones in September. But here are the iPhone models 13 Pro и iPhone 13 Pro Max company promises to deliver only in the second half of November, according to information on the official website. On average, in different countries, the delivery of the most expensive smartphone models takes four to five weeks..

Probably, Apple expects to arrange shipments for the holiday season, so that the deficit does not affect the company's revenue. According to analysts, last quarter 2021 of the year will be the most successful for Apple: sales will be 120 billion dollars, on 8% more compared to last year.

In the last quarter, which ended at the end of September, analysts expect Apple sales to grow by 31%, to 85 billion dollars. The company will publish quarterly results in two weeks., 28 October.

Apple shares fell by 1,3%, to 139,6 $. In total, since the beginning of the year, the company's securities have risen in price by 7,9%. S indices&P 500 And Nasdaq for the same period added 17,6 And 13,9%.

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Apple reduces the production of new iPhones due to a shortage of chips

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