Akcii kompanij upavshie v pandemiju slishkom silno spisok goldman sachs 12a2649 акции компаний

Shares of companies, who fell into a severe epidemic very very: Goldman Sachs list

Акции компаний, которые упали в сильную эпидемию очень очень: перечень голдман сакс

American Deposit Bank Goldman Sachs Tracks Backpack Dynamics, which consists of the shares of companies more affected by the severe epidemic. Due to concerns about the spread of the more infectious delta variant of the virus, almost all stocks in the knapsack are in drawdown..

The bank determines the opening of the economy after quarantine on a ten-point scale, Where 1 - completely closed, 10 - completely open. Despite the increase in the number of infections, the Goldman index is at the level of 8 points - on 4 score higher, than early 2021.

Stocks keep breaking records. Last week S&P 500 increased to 4468 points, either by twenty one percent since the beginning of the year. Almost all companies offer their products and services again, but some stocks lag significantly behind the broad market index.

According to Goldman, there is potential in the shares of companies affected by the strong epidemic. "We are thinking, the pessimism of the market regarding the delta option made it possible to buy some shares ", - emphasized the bank's strategist David Kostin.

And Goldman Sachs also raised the motivated level on S&P 500 at the end of the year from 4300 to 4700 points.

Airline shares are allocated separately in the investment bank, cruise operators, casinos and travel companies. Since May, the portfolio of such stocks has lagged behind S&P 500 on 20 percent.

The shares of Madison Square Garden have fallen more than others since the beginning of the year - by thirty-three percent. Las Vegas Sands and Melco Resorts Shares Down Thirty-One Percent, and Wynn Resorts by eleven percent.

Акции компаний, упавшие в пандемию слишком сильно: список goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs Listed Companies

TickerSince the beginning of the year
Madison Square GardenMSGE−33%
Las Vegas SandsLVS−31%
Melco ResortsMLCO−31%
Wynn ResortsWYNN−11%
Booking HoldingsBKNG2%
Hyatt HotelsH2%
United AirlinesUAL12%
Royal CaribbeanRCL12%
Live Nation EntertainmentLYV15%
Hawaiian HoldingsHA16%
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