Facebook shares fell by 5% after network failures and accusations of disinformation

Акции facebook упали на 5% после сбоев сети и обвинений в дезинформации

Facebook Monday Promotions, 4 october, fell on 5% after the longest failure in 13 years. And a day earlier, a former employee of the company accused the social network of unfair fight against disinformation..

Stirs up hatred and traumatizes adolescents

Former Facebook manager Frances Haugen said in an interview with ViacomCBS, that the company's information policy is fueling discord on the web. According to Haugen, after Biden's victory over Trump in the presidential election, Facebook prematurely turned off information filters. Hateful Posts Appear on the Web, leading to a mob invasion of the Capitol in early January. Posts like these attract users and help them post more digital ads..

“On Facebook, I constantly saw a conflict of interest.: choose then, what is good for society, or that, what is good for the company. And each time Facebook pursued its own interests, to make more money ", - said Haugen.

Previously, Facebook conducted its internal research and concluded: social media algorithms fuel political discord, and also lead to psychological disorders in adolescents. According to the company, a third of teenage girls feel worse, when looking at other people's photos on Instagram. Haugen copied research data, and later transferred them to the Wall Street Journal.

Biggest failure since 2008

Main Facebook services became unavailable on Monday, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The internal systems of the company are also out of order., and the only channel of communication was email. Facebook was unable to solve the problem remotely and sent engineers to restart the servers in the data center. Social network restored work after six hours. The company does not disclose the reasons for the malfunction..

The last major Facebook crash happened in 2008, when the social network remained unavailable all day. Then the service was used by about 80 million people. Today Facebook has 3 billion users..

Shares of other social media and big tech companies also fell on Monday.. Twitter shares fell by 5,8%, Pinterest — на 5,7%, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet - 2-3%. Technological index Nasdaq Composite fell by 2,1% per day and for 7% from the high in early September.

Акции facebook упали на 5% после сбоев сети и обвинений в дезинформации

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