Trading system of all times and peoples.

In the forum section «Grail studies» discussion of the trading system «of all times and peoples» Dual Thrust, which, after a short break, again entered the top ten systems of FuturesTruth Magazine.

The Dual Thrust system was invented by Mike Chalek. This is a reversal system, which is always in the market, then in a short position, then in the long. She is very good at capturing recoilless trends of varying duration and will never miss them.. It is also adaptive to volatility.. The main value in this system is given to the bar opening price and from it the countdown is already underway. I.e, it is impossible to place an order before the start of the session, because first you need to find out the opening price of the session, if the game is played on the day. Если внутри дня, then you have to wait for the opening of a new bar. Further



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