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Tenaya Therapeutics, specialized in cardiovascular diseases, offered more shares at the IPO

Biotechnology company Tenaya Therapeutics, developing several drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the preclinical stage of research, attracted 180 million dollars, releasing 12 million shares in 15 dollars - within the stated range from 14 to 16 dollars. The company released on 2 million shares more, than planned. Given the actual IPO price, Tenaya's total diluted market value would be 615 million dollars.

Tenaya therapeutics, специализирующаяся на сердечно-сосудистых заболеваниях, на ipo предложила большее количество акций

The multimodal drug discovery platform specializes in both genetic, and on non-genetic forms of cardiovascular diseases and consists of a gene therapy program using AAV, cell regeneration programs, which also uses viral vectors to deliver gene combinations for cardiomyocyte regeneration in the heart, and precision medicine programs using cardiomyocytes, derived from human pluripotent stem cells. IN 2022 the company plans to apply for registration of medicines for its gene therapy and precision medicine platforms.

Tenaya Therapeutics планирует листинг на бирже Nasdaq under the ticker QUESTION. Morgan Stanley became the joint organizers of the issue, Cowen и Piper Sandler.

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