Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrency Trading. Features and tricks

2017 the year was marked by exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, whose dynamics amaze the imagination. Many in the past year were once again convinced that, that the profitability of investments in new assets is often more attractive than the results of investing in shares of even the most successful companies. The prospects for obtaining significant profit on invested funds attract more and more new participants to the cryptocurrency market, including famous players in the world of traditional finance.

Maybe this is a sign?

Not very pleasant events began to happen. The power supply died and took the screw with it. All my bookkeeping is on the screw, statistics with 2006 years and all screenshots of my transactions.

It looks like the universe is telling me: start from the beginning. Also the new year is on the nose.

In the states, apparently today is the pre-holiday session. I waited, waited, waited, waited, waited, waited, and they stopped once. Okay, at least today I quickly jumped out of the saw and saved myself nerve cells.

It seems time to end the trade, sum up the week, months, of the year. Relax and get ready for the new.

Anyway, tomorrow is definitely the last trading day of this year.

The one, who is afraid of interference in advance, in doubt will miss the chance of success!

While I was running around on matters of mandatory re-registration, the LLC waved a retest of an important level with a larger timeframe:

In the morning, blah, there was no internet, in the evening me… Mood, let's be honest, it doesn't improve ):

Well I can… I see the channel from which we came out. I see a trip to the test. Tested. Вхожу! AND… бля, sat for three minutes and went out. I took half a buck ):

Well, what a bad luck - I thought - everything is as it should, everything is technical, by system, sidi and sidi… What an asshole?

The most interesting, give me a new signal to re-enter. I just can't…

But here he is, my chance to rehabilitate! Here is another signal! I waited for him! Grab it!

Well, I can! (:

Topped up, of course not valid! Unsystematic, non-technical, слишком рано, at bad prices, overconfident and extremely risky. Can not be so! On the other hand, not all at once. It's good, when there is something to work on.

But it came out transcript, nothing to say. (:

P.S. The sedative cocktail experiment was a success. Slept right. There was other shit. The body is still used to sleeping during the day, so all day I walked half asleep and wrestled…

Day Trader Trading Styles

Range Breakout (Range break) This is the simplest and most common trading technique.. All a trader needs is find the range (base, consolidation, flat) and wait for it to break through in any direction. Trader doesn't care, in which direction the range will be broken. It is important for him to enter when the range breaks. Pattern Breakout (Breaking through the pattern (graphic figure)) In technical analysis of prices, there is a concept of a graphical figure or pattern. These figures include: triangle, flag, pennant, double bottom or top and so on. When a pattern is clearly formed on the chart, the trader will wait for the price to exit this pattern and start opening a position.

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