What is the word trade (treid, trade, trade-in, Trading, trading ) meaning ? – traders trading

The meaning of the word "Trade" in popular dictionaries and encyclopedias, examples of the use of the term in everyday life. – (from English. “to trade” – trade) trade, transactions, deal. trade trading trading trading TRADER — (English, trader - trader) 1) brokerage firm employee, directly involved in stock trading, executing orders for the purchase and sale of securities; 2) any legal or natural person, authorized to trade on the stock exchange; 3) dealer.

Streaming Day Trading trades on the NYSE, NASDAQ – live show

Live streaming of transactions on the us stock exchange. All transactions take place on live accounts within the day on the NYSE markets, NASDAQ. – broadcast live Schedule: Weekdays 20:45 MSK time Recording | Telegram chat | Teaching

technology versus finance

this, certainly, such a feature for a long time. and count on, that the market will go up without financiers, not worth it. and there is also a wonderful Europe, the one that is south on one side and cloudy on the other. and here and in general, unpleasant and even very somehow unhealthy. no reason to be bulish, other than just being bulish. though, as they say, something like not to seem, and be. although squared, it is not important just to be. it is important to be in time. live pedestrian, this is a fast pedestrian.

Don’t Follow the Breakout!

under this name came out Yubies' monthly TA. They are there, Really, more about consensus and all kinds of sentiments. но в общем и целом, it's hard to find a techie now, who would like the charts.

I'm not a techie (it's a pity, No, in earnest, I would love to take up astrocycles, but in a day only 24 o'clock, have to choose), but if you choose what to believe, then I'm ready to believe in all sorts of patterns. not as clear structures, but as certain information encrypted in the very near past.

all in all. I have a short view – everything looks disgusting. very berish and quite a long time ago, for a couple of months so sure.
but! till (here and now) economic picture, very IMHO, but better than expectations. and the technique is too obvious.
hence my distrust of my eyes. пока что.


these are actually good numbers.
according to the situation, good, certainly. reversal from 200MA is still not relevant.

Monday ISM, second half of the week employment.

from an optimistic point of view

the market is somehow declining too quickly. basically, PMI one year after the peak of the recession – this is not an argument for market growth, nor is it an argument for reducing. slowdown in growth? No, rather adjustment of expectations. мы еще не знаем, will it slow down or not. if we go to 850, raw materials should step down more briskly. not like a shortwing in trejaris, but it should be. I don't like it all just because, that the market is more nervous, what he thinks. which means it will grow faster than expected. which, in general, is not good either.

the passage of the supports is annoying as well as the hike below 8k at 08m-09m. annoying with its logic-inevitability. so annoying, what is considered to be an optimist. So it goes.

observations about CNBC

kaknal is often a good indicator of sentiment with the expectation of an `` opposing view ''.
if the upcoming report is touted all day – expect bad))
(these are isolated cases, certainly. a couple of times you will notice, already come up with a trend)

but there are also reverse moments.
recently (I occasionally glance) the thought that, that `` maybe we have a problem on the demand side?".


consensus – interesting thing. and the market consensus – this is x3)))
street stubbornly awaits great results from the real estate market. and every time the same.
ouch, Miss Expectation. ay-ay, sel-sel. market, certainly, efficient, but like this in the moment, just like yuan on monday. the devil's machinations are solid. whether the volatility of depletion, that's the beginning. I 'm afraid, that we won't get a plus today, but must, just have to.

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