TAKION — Trading platform

For experienced traders, who trade large volumes, the question of which trading platform to choose does not arise. All because, that there is great software for them — Takion (Takyon). The platform provides great opportunities to trade stocks over the Internet, applying any strategies. All this has to do with the fact, that the data transfer rate of this trading platform is very high. The Takion platform that you can download absolutely free is the best software for traders. Takion software development was originally intended for professional traders. Every experienced trader gains a wide range of opportunities when using the Takion trading platform. When customizing orders and creating layouts, the trader has maximum flexibility here..

Terminal linking software

Many traders use different trading platforms and charts and would like to link them together, because. they do not always link to each other independently. For example, you are not satisfied with the charts in Takion and want to use Thinkorswim, but these programs are not related to each other in any way and you cannot view tickers at the same time in both. There are special linker programs for this. (further just linkers), which connect platforms to each other in a certain way. First, let's define the terms, which we will use.

Business newspaper Financial Times

Financial Times (рус. The Financial Times) - international business newspaper, published in English in 24 cities of the world with a total circulation of up to 360 thousand. экземпляров. The headquarters of the main editorial office is located in London. Belongs to the Pearson PLC media holding and specializes in publishing and analyzing news from the world of finance and business.

Analytics Reuters vs Bloomberg

What informers are based on? How the system works, and why i think, that she is revolutionary? Information terminals are more correctly considered in terms of the degree of expansion of existing capabilities., and in terms of improving performance, efficiency and cost optimization. Used Bloomberg for a while, so there is something to compare. I'll try to tell you my experience with two systems and I'm sure, what will be interesting to many, because. not so many people at the professional level have experience with two systems and are ready to openly share it. To make the structure of the story clear, то выделю четыре аспекта Полнота информационного охвата. Ease of access, aggregation and data processing. Data visualization and interpretation tools. Data collection and loading automation tools.

A quality terminal for working in the Forex market is the key to a trader's success

To work with any system, certain software is required, which not only allows you to perform basic tasks, but it should also provide the ability to automate some processes and facilitate human work. The work of a trader in the Forex system also requires certain software., which is also called the Forex terminal. Terminals enable remote, from the trader's workplace, manage purchases and sales, and also monitor exchange rate quotes in real time. In this way, such a tool is the main software, through which a trader operates in the market. Since there are many dealing centers on the market, which provide the ability to work on the Forex exchange, respectively, there are also several types of such terminal clients. Actually, Forex terminals are specialized software, which enables the trader not only to carry out financial transactions on the exchange, but also receive various analytical information. Certainly, a variety of choices gives certain advantages, allowing an internet trader to choose a program, the most satisfying his needs, but, the selection process itself can be associated with …

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What to give a trader for a holiday?

Издание Business Insider подготовило список подарков (and for a different pocket), which will delight the investor and trader. Антикварный биржевой стенд Dow Jones Много лет назад, before there was Yahoo! Finance, people learned about quotes through the exchange machine. Any investor will be delighted to receive a Dow Jones antique stand as a gift., which will be a wonderful decoration of the office. The cost: from $500 to $800 on the auction. «Разумный инвестор» Бенджамин Грэхем считается отцом-основателем оценочного инвестирования. At Columbia University, Graham was a Warren Buffett professor. This book should be on the shelf of every investor.. The cost: $16. Биржевой телеграфный аппарат Edison Это еще один антикварный предмет, which investors used many years ago. The stock ticker is the first telegraphic device for broadcasting stock quotes, which was invented by Thomas Edison in 1870 G. Information about quotes was printed on a paper tape by punching holes on it. The cost: from $5 thousand. to $7 thousand. on the auction.   Денежное дерево Подарите удачу вместе с денежным деревом. …

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Terminal for Autochartist signals

Autochartist is a new development by programmers, also created for convenient and effective trading. Its feature is that, that the program automatically detects trends on the chart, their beginning and end, technical analysis channels and figures. Determines the degree of quality of the figures at the moments of entry and exit of transactions and is able to notify the appearance of such with a sound signal, which makes it possible not to be constantly near the monitor. Using this program, you can select the market. This is FOREX, INDEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX. And on each of them, Autochartist can notify the trader in advance of the opportunities, which have more potential. To select all the required data, you just need to go to the settings and select the required tool and the desired interval.

Crazy Fusion Contest

Are you fond of trading on American exchanges? Consider yourself an experienced trader? Ready to test your trading method for strength? GT Capital Group announces the start of the trading competition, anyone can take part in it. Within one day, participants must make every effort and show the greatest profit when working on a demo account. Every day 10 new contestants make deals on demo accounts in the Fusion platform. Following the results of five days of competition among 50 the top five will be selected. The company will reward the lucky ones with prize amounts: 1st place — $500; 2nd place — $300; 3rd place — $200; 4th place — $100; V место — $50. Learn more…

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