What to give a trader for a holiday?

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Business Insider has prepared a list of gifts (and for a different pocket), which will delight the investor and trader.

Dow Jones Antique Booth
Many years ago, before there was Yahoo! Finance, people learned about quotes through the exchange machine. Any investor will be delighted to receive a Dow Jones antique stand as a gift., which will be a wonderful decoration of the office. The cost: from $500 to $800 on the auction.

"Reasonable Investor"

Разумный инвестор
Benjamin Graham is considered the founding father of value investing. At Columbia University, Graham was a Warren Buffett professor. This book should be on the shelf of every investor.. The cost: $16.

Exchange telegraph machine Edison

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This is another antique item, which investors used many years ago. Exchange ticker - this is the first telegraph device for broadcasting stock quotes, which was invented by Thomas Edison in 1870 r. Information about quotes was printed on a paper tape by punching holes on it. The cost: from $5 thous. to $7 thous. on the auction.


Money Tree

Present good luck with the money tree. An unpretentious plant to care for will decorate any office. The cost: $60.

HP 12C calculator

maybe, he has a slightly old-fashioned appearance, but any investor should have the legendary HP 12C on his table. The cost: $52.

Crazy money bull toy

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Not a secret, that stock trading is a very stressful business. A lot of emotions are also caused by the TV program "Crazy Money" with Jim Kramer on CNBC. The popular show has a trademark toy "crazy money bull", which will be a great gift. The cost: $6.

Subscribe to the Breakfast With Dave newsletter

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David Rosenberg is one of the few economists, who managed to predict the latest financial crisis. He publishes the Breakfast With Dave newsletter daily., in which he offers his comments on the market situation. The newsletter also includes an overview of the most important articles in the New York Times., Wall Street Journal и Financial Times. The cost: $1 thous.
Estimize subscription

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Estimize is a site with forecasts of independent analysts (as from sellers, and from the side of buyers) on the results of trading in the stock market. Accuracy Estimize is often higher than Wall Street Journal. The cost: $1 thous. per month.

Huge Historical Poster S&P

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Learn about key events in US history (from 1928 to 2010 biennium) using giant poster S&P. The cost: $20.

Framed action

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Place your favorite stock in a beautiful frame. The cost: share price + frame for $39.

"Irrational abundance"
In the first edition Books "Irrational Exuberance" Robert Schiller Predicted the Internet Bubble. In the second edition, he wrote about the future housing bubble. Schiller received the Nobel Prize in Economics this year. The cost: $10.

ValueLine subscription

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ValueLine offers the investor various statistics, forecasts and other market news.: $598.

French press

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If there is one thing, without which an investor cannot exist, then it's caffeine. Of course, you can buy a Keurig coffee maker. But why not donate a French press? The cost: $40.

Copper bull

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How about a replica of the world famous Wall Street bull? Small figurine (5 inches) will take pride of place on the table of any investor. The cost: $65.

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting Ticket

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Just one weekend a year, Omaha becomes a tourist magnet. 4 May 2014 r. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting. To participate in it, you need to buy only one share of the company. The cost: Berkshire Hathaway promotion - $174 thous.

Bloomberg terminal

The cost: annual subscription $24 thous.

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