Support and resistance levels (Pivot Points)

Support and resistance levels can also be determined by pivot levels (pivot points). These levels are also a very powerful tool in defining zones. “increased interest” from the side of bulls and bears.
Как рассчитываются уровни поддержки и сопротивления pivot points?
There are many options for calculating pivot levels. Но самый распространенный это стандартный метод расчета pivot points. The prices of the previous day are taken High, Low и Close. […]

Support and resistance levels

Level, which the price cannot break up, называется уровень сопротивления (Resistance), and the level, который цена не может пробить вниз, называется уровень поддержки (Support).
Resistance level (resistance level)
This is nothing more than a psychological level, which a significant number of traders regard as a point, profitable in terms of sale. Such a unity of opinion among a large group of people leads to the fact, that when prices approach […]

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