SMB Capital Day Trading Course Review

1. Course description The trading course from SMB Capital is focused on intraday trading of stocks in the American market. Day trading strategy is based on analysis and selection of active stocks, technical analysis, tape reading and risk management. If you trade other markets, you can still find useful tips for technical analysis in this course, position management, risk. The article will describe intraday trading strategies, basic models and trading instruments. Курсы от SMB Capital дадут, certainly, more knowledge and skills. They involve communication with successful traders., analysis of your trade, use of specialized software from SMB, etc.. But the courses are worth going, when you are sure, that you want to trade in this particular market and in exactly this style. The article gives a working strategy, having tried which, you can understand, is the American stock market right for you and this style of intraday trading?.

Interim results of an exchange startup

Exchange, as a startup. Sounds pretty unusual. A huge number of legal issues immediately come to mind, regulatory turmoil, etc.. It would seem that, just don't start like that. But, as many people know, there are successful attempts to resist the bureaucracy of the financial world. The history of this confrontation is, of course, largely a virtual component - electronic payment systems. And as we well know, world of software, albeit virtual, with due skill and perseverance, it is quite realistically monetized. The history of the development of such a confrontation / addition can be painted for a long time. But we will focus on one of the extreme events of this front: cryptocurrencies. And even narrow the narrative even further: cryptocurrency exchanges.

Predicting stock prices using Google and Wikipedia

Tobias Preuss and colleagues from the University of Warwick Business School undertook to check, is it possible to track processes in the real world through the virtual world. To do this, they analyzed the open materials of Google Trends., as well as Google Hot Trends - public apps, показывающих, how often a specific search query is entered in relation to the total volume of queries in different regions of the world and in different languages. It has already been noted before, that due to the sharply growing frequency of requests such as "flu treatment", such a tool can detect an influenza epidemic a little earlier, how the health departments of a particular country or region will "guess" about it. What about business?

Конкурс: We give a video course for likes

  With 22 October GT Capital Group launches a competition in the official communities of the company in social networks. Для участия достаточно вступить в одно из сообществ компании — в фейсбуке или во вконтакте — "Like" the post about the contest and share this message with your friends. Those of the participants, whose shares will get the most likes, become the winners of the competition. The company will give the winners in each of the communities free access to the tutorial "Complete video course from professional traders of GT Capital on trading American stocks". The video course contains detailed information about the structure of exchanges and trading., the relationship between bidding, участниками рынка, news background and price chart movement. Knowing these smallest details will help you understand clearly, what happens to the market, and in which direction you should move in your development.      

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