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Mario Gabelli / Mario Gabelli

Mario Joseph Gabelli (Mario Joseph Gabelli) was born 19 June 1942 of the year. He spent his childhood and youth in the Bronx, where he attended primary school first, and then the private Jesuit school for boys at Fordham University. In his spare time Mario, hitchhiking, traveled to the northern suburbs of New York, to Westchester County, where he worked as a caddy (a carrier of golf clubs and other equipment) in leading golf clubs, such as Winged Foot and Sunningdale. There he met many people, have achieved success in life, and these people often talked about investing in stocks. Later Gabelli told, that already in those days I read market reports for my own pleasure, and bought my first shares, when he was all 13 years. Upon graduation, Gabelli received a scholarship and went to college at Fordham University. There he stood out not only with his hair, which at that time was still red, but also desperate enterprise. У него всегда была

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Jim Rogers / Jim Rogers

James Biland Rogers Jr. (James Beeland Rogers, Jr.) - American investor, was a co-founder of the Quantum Foundation, is a college professor, author, economic commentator, and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (SAY). Jim Rogers was born 19 October 1942 in baltimore, Maryland. Studied at Yale University, and then at Oxford, where did you study politics, philosophy and economics. In summer 1964 of the year, working for Dominick & Dominick, Jim Rogers really got carried away with what was happening on Wall Street and "plunged headlong" into the life of the financial world. It was here that he returned after graduating from Oxford and serving in the army.. In the early 1970s., having gained experience at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Jim Rogers co-founded Quantum Fund – global investment partnerships. During the next 10 years, the value of the Quantum Fund portfolio has increased by more than 4200%, while the growth of the Standard&Poor’s 500 during this period amounted to approximately 47 %. Aged 37 лет Джим Роджерс решил покинуть

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