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50 most popular stocks in hedge funds — Rating

American analytical company FactSet has released a quarterly list 50 most popular stocks in 50 largest hedge funds. According to the study, funds increased the share of equity investments in the total investment portfolio by 9,8% in the II quarter 2014 G. Следует заметить, that in the first quarter this share increased only by 1,9%. Medical companies, currently in merger negotiations, were the most attractive for investment. Hedge funds sold significant shares of International Paper and Micron Technology, the study says. Besides, large funds parted with the securities of "several media corporations and strategic financial institutions".

Deal in Hess Corporation 12 november 2012

A little about the Hess Corporation deal. The stock approached its level for 23 november, but the weakness of the market did not allow her to pass it in anticipation of Foms, the market stood and there was no movement. The hidden buyer stopped moving higher trying to stay near the price 51,90-51,93. After such a strong growth, not typical for, it is possible to develop it as on the previous day. Stop a couple of cents, potential 40 and more. It seems like nothing complicated :)  

HES : Hess Corporation

Hess Corporation is an American vertically integrated oil and gas company. Headquartered in New York. The company owns over 1200 Gas stations mainly on the US East Coast. The company occupies 263 place in Fortune Global 500 behind 2011 year. History The company was established in 1919 year. It was originally called Amerada Petroleum Corporation. During the first half of the 1920s, the company was growing steadily, reaching a peak to 1926 year, which Amerada Petroleum completed with a net profit in $4,9 million. but, The Great Depression hit the company hard. The sharp rise in the post-war years allowed the company to achieve the volume of sales of products in $100 million. Hess Oil and Chemical, founded by Leon Hess, acquired 10 % Amerada Petroleum's shares 1966 year over $100 million. A few years later the merger of the companies, despite the protest of some of the shareholders of Amerada Petroleum, was completed. IN 2001 year the company takes over Triton Energy Limited for $3,2 billion, one of the largest independent US oil and gas companies, также активно ведущую

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