How I was looking for an intermediary to play on the MICEX stock exchange

An interesting day turned out. I got out to the city in the afternoon on business, I decided at the same time to open a brokerage account somewhere for trading on the MICEX. Before that, I searched the Internet for various brokers and settled on “finame” And “открытии” — wrote down their addresses in St. Petersburg on a piece of paper and drove off. First I drove to Finam on Moskovsky Prospekt., I say open an account. Но не тут то было — after negotiations with Moscow, it turned out that Moscow requires a certified translation of a Lithuanian passport. Young woman, the paperworker turned out to be smart — I understood that why a passport translation is needed if I have a residence permit in Russian, especially since I remembered that I once processed clients for a residence permit without any translations, but Moscow turned out to be unshakable — no translation in any way. Ну ладно, если никак, то и не надо — I'm too lazy to make this translation, and if such problems began from the first day of meeting Finam, then I can imagine what will happen in the future, so it's better to nip communication with this company in the bud. Moreover, having looked at the list of documents, required for opening an account for foreign citizens, on their website
documents such as translations of passports are not required, but it is required:
“General civil passport or other document, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation or recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document, the identity of a foreign citizen or stateless person”. (Copy with obligatory presentation of the original)”

well, it didn't work out with Finam — иду в “Opening”. On the site
address specified — Невский проспект, 19
I went to this address, especially since there is a sign over the entrance “Brokerage house Otkrytie” — that is, there could be no mistake — I went through this door and no other. Walking down a deserted corridor, and a surprised watchman runs out to meet me (or security guard), By the way, similar to the one in the photo on the site. And says, — А вы куда? I inform him that I am ready to open a trading account. To which he was even more surprised and said that They are not a bank and do not open any accounts, what confused me. Говорю — so you have a sign over the door “Brokerage house Otkrytie” and I don't need a bank account, namely trade. But he began to assure me that they did not open any accounts at all., they just work here and that I was clearly wrong. Really, strange situation. I walked around the nearby block one more time, even in the doorway, but the sign “Brokerage house Otkrytie” was only above this entrance, and the address on the site is exactly this.

Ну ладно, on this address of brokers on my piece of paper ran out and I went home. Today I will write out a couple more — try my luck :)

Adapter from Finam to WLD6

Unexpectedly for myself, I discovered a rather useful thing in WLD 6 — adapter from Finam. And, although not streaming realtime, but if you click to update the graph, then the schedule changes. That is, if there is a delay, then small and accurate to 15 min instruments can be monitored.
Immediately I brought stocks from my portfolio — now it will be possible to view from time to time without problems.

And on the chart, as I understand it, this is the famous futures on the RTS, which everyone trades? Or am I wrong?

Stae Euway Frome News

Yesterday I watched such an interesting picture.. One of the trend lines has been worked out several times. And after another breakout, the price came back & quot; touch" линию. Then I was going to go to the long and it happened.!

Such candles are just a pussy. I have already written that to be in such a movement without stops — страшно. But I'm curious., if i sent the order to long" I would have been tortured with requotes or would gladly be opened.? I'll think they'd open it up., на всякий… (:

Then i played a little bit on the Finam account.. In general, I think to withdraw money from there. It is necessary to earn a little extra money, to cover the commission. No swaps is a positive thing. How to grow up to mid-term — Come back.

On the main score, a little flashed, asked to catch up and grabbed a stop loss. Then I re-entered where necessary and closed before the news..

It's tweezers. My psyche is not prepared for such jumps.. So you just have to stay away from the news..

Advise the indicator to draw news alerts in the terminal.

Experiment with blood pressure continues. The first days were nausea, Possal ran every 10 minutes. Now it's gone.. I haven't felt the desired effect yet.. All the same and all the same.

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