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What to give a trader for a holiday?

Издание Business Insider подготовило список подарков (and for a different pocket), which will delight the investor and trader. Антикварный биржевой стенд Dow Jones Много лет назад, before there was Yahoo! Finance, people learned about quotes through the exchange machine. Any investor will be delighted to receive a Dow Jones antique stand as a gift., which will be a wonderful decoration of the office. The cost: from $500 to $800 on the auction. «Разумный инвестор» Бенджамин Грэхем считается отцом-основателем оценочного инвестирования. At Columbia University, Graham was a Warren Buffett professor. This book should be on the shelf of every investor.. The cost: $16. Биржевой телеграфный аппарат Edison Это еще один антикварный предмет, which investors used many years ago. The stock ticker is the first telegraphic device for broadcasting stock quotes, which was invented by Thomas Edison in 1870 G. Information about quotes was printed on a paper tape by punching holes on it. The cost: from $5 thousand. to $7 thousand. on the auction.   Денежное дерево Подарите удачу вместе с денежным деревом. …

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Due to an unknown error, the US market for 15 more minutes lost $1 trillion

Wall Street trading yesterday, undoubtedly, will be included in history textbooks under the title of the next “black thursday”: in a few minutes, the Dow Jones fell by almost 1000 points, index S&P 500 lost immediately 8,6%, the newspaper writes “Vedomosti”. According to Wilshire International, doing statistics on Wall Street, behind 15 minutes the market lost more than 1 trillion dollars. “It was the largest drop in the Dow Jones industrial average in its history.”, – notes CNN Money website. News, concerning Greece and the passivity of the ECB, have already been won back by the market to 14.42 local time in the USA, when the index suddenly peaked. TO 14.47 Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to the level of 10 000 points, having lost 998,5 item. Prior to that, the most significant drop in a day in the history of the index was 29 September 2008 of the year, when the Dow Jones flopped on 777,68 item.

Thomas R.. Demark / Thomas R. DeMark

Trader and Consultant Tom DeMark (Tom DeMark) recently invented dozens of original technical indicators and relies solely on technical timing principles in his research and trading. He even signed up for the CFA program once. (certified financial analyst - certified financial analyst), but decided not to go through it to the end. “Markets in the long term are characterized by basic. But my indicators measure psychology - that's what, what does technical analysis do ", - Demark explains. DeMarke's first immersion in the world of finance occurred after graduating from graduate school in two specialties - business and legal, after which, in the early 70s, he was hired as a fundamental analyst at the National Investment Service, located in Milwaukee (PCS. Wisconsin). The firm managed pension assets and assets with a joint profit of about 300 million. Doll., investing mainly in securities and fixed income shares. The strength of the National Investment Service was in timing. Demark, but …

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The market review for February 3

Tuesday, 2 February, the U.S. stock market continued the growth begun the previous day. On the side of buyers were as positive corporate news and optimistic macroeconomic statistics. Change the value of the index of pending transactions involving the sale of homes in December 2009. surpassed analysts’ expectations – the increase was 1% against the projected 0.6%. In addition, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner urged the Republicans to join the action to reduce the budget deficit of the country. He believes that these measures can be started when the recovery will not cause doubts, but the economy will be on his feet. The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama supports the creation of a bipartisan financial commission which would deal with finding solutions to the problem. Republicans, however, until recently, rejected the idea. Be that as it may, macroeconomic statistics out strong, most of the corporate profit exceeds expectations, and …

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The market review for November, 2st

Stock trades in the United States were closed on October 30 leading indexes lower on the background of macroeconomic news. At investor sentiment negatively affected the report of the Ministry of Commerce (US Department of Commerce), published prior to bidding. According to him, the volume of consumer incomes in the country in September 2009. compared with the previous month, virtually unchanged, while the volume of consumer spending in September 2009. decreased by 0,5% compared to the previous month. In addition, since the start of the trading session in the report of the University of Michigan / Reuters index figures were published in consumer confidence in the U.S., which fell in October to 2.9 points and amounted to 70,6 points. Analysts expected 70 points. Almost at the same time was published index of business activity in October 2009. Which grew at 8.1 points and totaled 54.2 points, said association manager in

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The market review for October, 13st

Stock trades in the U.S. on October 12 raznonapravlenno closed in anticipation of a series of quarterly reports. Trading day began most of the growth of stock price, but then at the bidders’ enthusiasm diminished, and leading indices have returned close to initial positions, and the NASDAQ lost even up to the day 0.14 points (-0.01%). Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is slowly but surely approaching the figure of 10 thousand points, to which he had only just overcome a little over 100 points.

New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

Created a new LJ community for people associated with the New York Stock Exchange to share their trading experience on it, ideas and news. Anyone can write their material in it, ask a question of interest and find an answer to it. We no longer have to search for information all over the Internet, everything you need to trade on the stock exchange will be in 1 place . The group is brand new, I'm waiting for new active participants and a little PR from you, but most importantly active discussion of new topics and issues. New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

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