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How to deal with stress for a trader (day trader)

In small amounts, stress can motivate and give rise to sports anger., but when the tension snowballs, it can be very draining. In addition to the usual stress-relieving tips like “exercise regularly, eat well and sleep ", I would like to share with you some philosophical thoughts, starting with a hackneyed lecture on stress:

analysis of statistics

wow! he drives… that's what surfaced in February:

1. if I stopped trading after the first two negative trades – the total losses would be smaller..

2. if I minus the first deal, and the second one plus – at least the day's total was above zero..

3. days, when the first trade was positive and I took above average in each of them ended with a good plus, moreover, most of the first trades these days were made strictly after 11:00AND (ie. first hour and a half of bamboo smoking session)

4. days, when the first two trades were negative, as a rule, they became jellied and I did these two trades before 11:00AND

conclusions for the coming week are:
— the first hour and a half of trading, you don't even need to open the terminal
— from 11:00 to 11:00ET or 19:00-19:30 Moscow time it is already possible to aim at some stacks
— if there are two minuses in a row by the first trades, then & quot; go away fuck, market & quot;:))
— if the first positive trade, and the next two minus, then similarly.

in general, everything seems to be simple :), it is difficult, however, to force yourself to leave at the very beginning, when I spent a lot of time preparing for trading..

Another observation.

People often focus on being, what they want to see or hear, often forming an opinion or response from the very first phrases of the interlocutor or the words read. Since most of my LJ audience is trading in the stock market, many took my post yesterday as a dedication to a hermit trader, sitting in a cave and not communicating with anyone, to create a brighter future. Someone caught the bait and built their comment on this.. This is an example of, how do we get trapped in consciousness, inventing conditions for themselves, which prevents us from looking at the world from a wider angle. I'm not trying to teach with an enlightened look. It's just that I myself often fall into such traps..

PS By the way, several people grasp the essence of what was said :)

Tired of draining? Change broker!

A purely psychological trick. It happens, will pour money, and then all your trade revolves around that, to take the profaned money back. In this case, the goal overshadows the compliance with the trading process itself., knocking out focus and further aggravating the situation. Chrome wrote well about this once, citing as an example the introduction of new technical specifications in Broko. It can be especially offensive, when […]


Strange situation, before when they wanted to move, it was done, and did not pay attention to external factors, for equipment,
entered a pose, and pressed, pressed, until they close in a plus.

Now, take a long time, by 100 by 200 contracts, everyone benefits, are included, take their time.
Finally entered. So what? and nothing – do not press, in fact do nothing at all. Do not wet the glass, strangers do not hammer applications, do not lead the price.
Not at all.
And they just stupidly wait for the weather by the sea, when everyone gets tired of it and the counterparties themselves begin to surrender their positions at a loss.
Freeloaders. Lazy nowhere else.
And what's the use of such a trade? Like fuckers. Can't fuck the market, arrange a battle for profit.
Half a day enter and half a day leave 10-20 thousand contracts, not doing nichrome to get profit. Take away and readily.
Sit, jerk off and afraid. Divorced BL kindergarten in the market, cripples.

Or maybe they are hedgers, hedged their hedged hedges. IS IT SMALL THAT!

Obvious conclusion.

I was convinced by my own experience, that almost no-climbing stay at home, throughout the week, if you have everything you need, leads to the situation, when cash costs tend to zero. From what followed the conclusion, that young man, unencumsed by relationships, if he squeezes his will into a fist, will work remotely, buy products twice a week at the wholesale market, allow yourself only the cheapest prostitutes inexpensive entertainment, run in the park and do push-ups, and not go to a glamorous fitness club (still zero benefit), to maintain physical fitness, with a competent approach, for a very short time (from one year to three) will be able to secure cash flow, which will provide for the rest of his life.


looking at the statue for February on Sergey Silantyev's magazine..
interesting picture: deals 158.. on all stacks with the NYSE – merge, by stacks with NASDAQ – Take.
it would seem that – the same American market, but different venues: NYSE is called hybrid, NASDAQ – obviously electronic.
actually – 1Has a painful tendency to smoothness, a 2nd – more volatile, for there is no specialist (and on the NYSE his role is no longer clear.).

such distribution: 46 transactions accounted for shares with NASDAQ, rest 112 on the NYSE.. which means, what is the minimum 30 sample values according to the laws of mathematical statistics – there is.. we consider the data to be reliable :) the truth of trading days less 30 listed so far in the journal.

majority profitable trades are also accounted for by the NYSE, but the other end of the stick is, which is the most & quot; jellied" was also at the Nice actions…

remember Timothy Saandxa… no accident he his penis drains :)) traded exclusively from the nazdak. and after all, on the lyse of their rubble. what was his motive?? from his experience of modest comes to mind only that, that the Peni-drains from Nice do not have that `` explosiveness ''" (Timothy calls it super nova '), which is the nazdanchy. but, it's definitely not my approach to the matter…

try to throw off the NYSE for the first week of March, yes look at the results…

Where is the ceiling of the Eurodollar?

Here's another argument for strictly adhering to the system.. Common sense some time ago said that there is nowhere higher to go eurodollar — its ceiling 100, above cannot by definition. According to the trending system, I earned on it twice since October last year.. Now I thought — it's time to stop, it's his ceiling. But no, still had to buy, I guess he's like that before 100 and will come.

Stae Euway Frome News

Yesterday I watched such an interesting picture.. One of the trend lines has been worked out several times. And after another breakout, the price came back & quot; touch" Line. Then I was going to go to the long and it happened.!

Such candles are just a pussy. I have already written that to be in such a movement without stops — fearfully. But I'm curious., if i sent the order to long" I would have been tortured with requotes or would gladly be opened.? I'll think they'd open it up., for everyone… (:

Then i played a little bit on the Finam account.. In general, I think to withdraw money from there. It is necessary to earn a little extra money, to cover the commission. No swaps is a positive thing. How to grow up to mid-term — Come back.

On the main score, a little flashed, asked to catch up and grabbed a stop loss. Then I re-entered where necessary and closed before the news..

It's tweezers. My psyche is not prepared for such jumps.. So you just have to stay away from the news..

Advise the indicator to draw news alerts in the terminal.

Experiment with blood pressure continues. The first days were nausea, Possal ran every 10 minutes. Now it's gone.. I haven't felt the desired effect yet.. All the same and all the same.

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