Tired of draining? Change broker!

A purely psychological trick. It happens, will pour money, and then all your trade revolves around that, to take the profaned money back. In this case, the goal overshadows the compliance with the trading process itself., knocking out focus and further aggravating the situation. Chrome wrote well about this once, citing as an example the introduction of new technical specifications in Broko. It can be especially offensive, when do you suppose, that your money has settled on the wrong side of the market, but in the DC itself.

Что же делать?

Сменить брокера! Отдохнуть, letting go of your past failures. Cчитайте, that for the time being you borrowed your money at a high interest rate. Потеряли (lent) 1000? Придёте обратно с 10 000, with one good deal you will take back with interest. But calmly and without fever. А пока эти 10 000 you need to earn and prepare, take into account negative aspects and mistakes.

More news. Я крепко думал над темой трейдинга в последнее время. I get letters from people, who lost funds in the market, they are asking, how should they be, what to do ... This system makes me sad, which easily takes funds from people. And, and bulls and bears. Strange, Yes? It would seem that, if some earn, then others lose and vice versa. But they manage to lose equally and steadily, and those, who sells and those, who buys. But it's clear, that someone in any case earns. It does not have to be DC and Brokers. Rather, these are the ones, who tosses the whole colossus on a global level. А ДЦ и брокерам перепадают копейки по сравнению с тем, «what canadians do in our zone«…

У меня проблема: I'm like that fool, what is sawing bitches, on which he sits. You know, such a philosophical worldview, which constantly tends towards idealism, альтруизма, 4... in short, I could have realized my plan for monthly income long ago, which is unattainable for many, but after analyzing my past I was convinced that, that as soon as it was necessary to move to a certain step, where it was necessary to get down to business, rejecting all mental sophistication, I was starting to stupor. I fell into philosophy, the background of which is some kind of limiting inner belief of the type “money is evil«.

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so, with pleasure and some vindictiveness to his onniurющemu I'm glad to inform you, that I'm starting to work like partner of IBCapital Company. This is what I can offer to those, who is fighting the market, not getting a good return, or even going into an ever greater minus. Read more.

This is a new stage for me. I never wanted to be a partner, because it meant taking on some kind of commitment, which bind and cause a lot of trouble. Так я думал. But at this stage, I have obligations to my family., сыном, parents and I would like to do so, so that the income and well-being of my family members multiply and grow. Все мы порой пишем в браузерной строке своей жизни (yoshkin cat, what a calm!) "How and where to make a lot of money"... And the answers are often obvious. Need to see in time, where are we, this money, push away. Otherwise we risk, how are those guys, who rave about global equality, live your life in daydreams and dreams, never having completed a single worthwhile business.

so, why IBCapital?

1. I know people well, who created this company, and I am very grateful to them for everything, what are they doing. Although, I sometimes criticize them in person, but this is for the good of the case. The ideal is unattainable in principle, надо признать. Но стремление у Компании есть.

2. Компания развивается, adds new tools, improves trading conditions, listens to the opinions of customers.

3. IBCapital actually brings clients' transactions to the exchange.

4. Missing nightly extensions as a class.

5. For FOREX lovers, two streams of quotes are offered for trading on both trading formats: IB Way и VIP. For IBWay trading format accounts: five-digit flow with market and fixed spread. For accounts in the VIP format: two streams of quotes - 4-digit and 5-digit only with market spread. Customers are given the opportunity to choose one format, either work within these two threads at the same time.

  AM, MGM - a couple of confident trades at the end of the week

6. Remember, I told you about the investor? (Article Important Announcement! (There is an investor)). Everything is in force. Not long to wait. It was the Company's management that agreed with my proposal to find trustees to manage part of the Company's assets. (which are very tempting in terms of trust management) and thinking, that in the coming days the DU conditions will be available for review.

7. …

You can go on for a long time, but I'm not a fan of letting go of laudatory epithets and singing serenades. Check out promo page. Сделайте выводы сами и примите решение самостоятельно.

Now specifically on the affiliate program.

There are several points here.:

For those, who decides to join our honest company, When registering, please indicate my partner code in a special box:


Those traders, who will come to trade in IBCapital and indicate this number during registration, will be able to count on informational support from my side. All further information below for them. Think, i organize it this way: I will create a closed group in skype, where will I post information about the appearance of candlestick patterns on trading instruments, represented in the Company. It is important for me at this stage to understand, what exactly are you interested in: какие инструменты, what timeframes, what is the time to get information ... Due to employment, I will select the most desirable conditions for you. You can discuss directly in this thread or write to the mail. Если есть какие-то еще пожелания ко мне как к партнеру, then say, I will consider all offers.

I will ask only one thing: don't rely only on predictions, develop your tactics and strategy. And don't be consumers. I get tons of emails asking if, «what is forex«, «how is it finally" and "what would you advise to start with«? Так же я не имею желания каждый день рассказывать интересующимся о своих успехах или неудачах, profits or losses. Appreciate someone else's and your time.

  Amazing, but the fact

Новичкам, That count on quick earnings, I will advise again do not trade at all! Never.

Tem, who is no longer a beginner, but not professional either trader I am ready to help in the development of my own affiliate program at IBCapital. I will share my experience, so to speak, in the course of its own development. But this is already later. А пока how to open an account with IBCapital

shl. well, with God, Paraska!

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Tired of draining? Change broker!

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