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Nassim Nicholas Taleb / Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Born Nassim Nicholas Taleb in 1960 year, in the Lebanese city of Amioun. His family professed Orthodoxy. During the civil war, which began in 1975 year, they were deported. Father of Nassim Nicholas, Dr. Taleb was an oncologist, did anthropological research. Among his ancestors are politicians, representing the interests of the Orthodox community of Lebanon. So his maternal grandfather and great-grandfather were deputy prime ministers of Lebanon, paternal grandfather served as Chief Justice, and also in 1861 his great-great-great-great-grandfather served as governor of the semi-autonomous Ottoman province on Mount Lebanon. Taleb has held senior positions in brokerage firms in London and New York, and also worked on the stock exchange, before starting his own hedge fund company Empirica LLC (futures and options sales). He received his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) At Wharton School and defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Paris. Author of "Dynamic Hedging" and "Fooled by Randomness".

Gerald Loeb / Gerald Loeb

Gerald Loeb (Gerald Loeb) made a name for himself as a first-class specialist in the sale of securities, and Forbes magazine once called him "the most quoted man on Wall Street.". His book "The Struggle for Investment Survival" (The Battle for Investment Survival), published in 1935 year, considered a classic, and the first edition was sold in 250 000 copies. The main reason for her success – the book is written alive, in plain language, which did not require such mental ability, как опубликованная в 1934 year book by Benjamin Graham "Securities Analysis". Lobe's strong point – mass marketing, giving you the opportunity to become a regular Investor Joe. Consider the following metaphor, addressed to the novice investor: “One should limit his first cooking efforts by boiling eggs.; nobody starts with Baked Alaska, no matter, what a great dessert it can turn out later ”.

William Delbert Gunn / William Delbert Gann

William Delbert Gunn was born 6 June 1878 years at Lufkin, Texas. His father, Samuel Houston Gann, was a teacher, traded horses and cows. He also owned a small billiard club.. His mother, Susan Rebecca Gann (in the maidenhood of Trevation), devoted all her time to the upbringing of V.D.. Ganna and his younger siblings. She taught young William to read with the Bible - books, which later greatly influenced his reflections on the nature of financial markets. His family was poor.. Samuel, Susan and their eight children lived in a small house., and young William, to get to school, walked seven miles every day for three years. Gunn never graduated from high school. IN 1894 year, William Gunn, Age 16 years, left school and started looking for work. He became a peddler. (sold newspapers, going ...) on the train, who traveled between Texarkana and Tyler in Texas. He also worked in a cotton warehouse.

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